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Paris Region is the largest region in Europe by population and wealth production. Despite facing various crises such as climate and energy issues, it is working on a path to maintain its impressive efficiency. The region successfully concentrates more activities and residents within a limited space, providing a high quality of life and diverse landscapes. It is rich in biodiversity and has an exceptional heritage that needs preservation. To find more resources, browse our downloadable guides.


Discover the Map : "Paris Region: Your Blue Ocean for Real Estate"


Sevinç Ar

Smart City & Cleantech
Over 1,500 areas for business activity (L'Institut Paris Region, 2022)
business districts
4.1 million m²
Immediate supply



Financial dynamics remain strong despite a slowed real estate market!

Paris Region has been selected as the European region of the future for 2023 and the most attractive destination for foreign direct investments in Europe, according to the European Cities and Regions of the Future 2023 ranking by fDi intelligence from the Financial Times. The political stability, maturity, and liquidity of the investment market make Île-de-France a sought-after destination for foreign investors targeting real estate. It is also one of the most transparent and organized markets in the world.


Europe’s Largest Scope of Real Estate Solutions

Paris Region, with its extensive real estate market of 56 million square meters, is a collection of varied and specialized districts, making it an appealing location for various industries, research, and lifestyles.
The use of our buildings has undergone significant changes, particularly due to remote work and expectations regarding offices or housing are evolving. The real estate market has recently transformed as companies reconsider the traditional office model in favor of more flexible options and third-party locations.


The environmental constraints are strong: "Do better with less!"

The law is advancing for a "low-carbon" building sector and a sustainable future! Environmental regulations like RE 2020, the implementation of Energy Performance Diagnosis (DPE), the tertiary decree, and the Zero Net Artificialization (ZAN) policy are compelling stakeholders to excel in construction. We are speeding up the adoption of solutions that combine simplicity, sustainability, and value creation: creating heat islands, combating pollution, inclusive furniture, and smart lighting, among others.


The 2024 Olympic Games will leave a legacy of more than 42 structures for future generations

The developments and constructions made to host the Games will be seamlessly integrated into the operation of the cities where they have been established. As an example, the Olympic Village will be transformed into an urban neighborhood, featuring 11,000 residences, 120,000 square meters of offices, 3,200 square meters of retail space, a 3-hectare landscaped park, 7 hectares of green spaces, and a renovated gymnasium. In the residences, demountable partitions and elevators will be reused in the construction of other nearby urban projects.

Call For Project: Land and Financial Solutions for the Reindustrialization of the Paris Region.

In total, 145 economic lands have been identified in the region, covering nearly 1,500 hectares dedicated to productive activities. To maintain production on the Île-de-France territory and not just the R&D and headquarters activities of these startups representing the industry of tomorrow, a €65 million investment fund will be created to invest during the industrialization phase and anchor the future job-creating factories in the Île-de-France territory.
This fund will target breakthrough technologies contributing to the deployment of a sustainable and circular industry in priority sectors of the region, such as: digital, data industry, and creative industries; eco-construction, sustainable and smart cities; green and decarbonized energies; aerospace, space, defense; sustainable and smart mobility; health and care; luxury and cosmetics.


Clusters,  Incubators  and  Accelerators  to  Support  Your  Growth  in  Paris  Region

Impulse Labs is an accelerator that was developed to act as a bridge between large corporate groups and startups so they can learn from each other and develop win-win relationships. Corporate groups specify their needs while ecosystem startups promote, commercialize, and give exposure to their innovations. Impulse Labs focus mainly on the construction, real estate and energy industries. Learn More

Urban Odyssey by ICADE is a startup studio focusing on urban future. Its expertise lies in the creation of solutions that improve cities, homes, and workplaces. The studio co-founds 4 to 6 startups every year and recruits entrepreneurs all year long on areas such as: the low-carbon economy, the preservation of biodiversity, the future of care and well-being, etc. Accelerated projects can access a 6-month program developed in partnership with the HEC incubator and located at Station F. This includes access to their community of mentors and entrepreneurs. Learn More

Immowell-Lab is a startup accelerator that aims to increase well-being in buildings through elements such as design, material choices, and equipment. All of which have an impact on our comfort, mobility, and health. It connects established real estate partners and companies with innovative new businesses that support the health and well-being of people. Learn More. 

Real Estech Europe is a community of entrepreneurs in real estate. It was created based off the idea that the real estate sector stayed still for too long. The organization federates and promotes major innovation players in the real estate industry through three activities: Content Creation, Event Organization and Lobbying. Learn More

FNAIM Lab is an initiative created in 2017 by the FNAIM – the National Federation of estate agents in France. The Lab’s mission is to detect, qualify and support startups that offer innovative solutions for the Federation's members and that are relevant for its activities (Property Management). Learn More

In’li LAB – In’li is the leading intermediate housing company in Paris region with more than 50,000 housing units. With In'li LAB, the company offers incubation programs to selected startups, free of charge. Its goal is to discover new products, services and tools that will improve the daily life of its customers. Learn More

Download our guide to find the right accelerator for your company in Paris Region.


Real Estate Events in Paris Region

SIMI, December, Paris – With 460 exhibitors and 30,000 visitors, SIMI is a landmark event for the players of the real estate industry in France. 
The show presents real estate opportunities in France for office spaces, logistics, businesses, commercial properties in city centers and retail parks. It also addresses current and future developments in the real estate ecosystem, notably with the deployment of digital services in buildings. Learn More

RENT November, Paris - The RENT trade show, for Real Estate & New Technologies, is a two-day event focused on new technology and innovations in the real estate sector. The event is exclusively targeted towards real estate professionals such as real estate agents, land developers etc. Learn More


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Real Estate Opportunities

To invest in Paris Region is to invest in the future! With a population of more than 12 million spread across eight departments, the Paris Region combines rich heritage with groundbreaking innovation. The Paris Region is the beating heart of the French economy as it accounts for 33% of the national GDP and 6% of the European GDP.


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