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About Us

About Us

“Choose Paris Region is a one-stop-shop for international companies and talents in Paris Region. We work hand in hand with all the local players in the region to provide international companies with the services they need to expand and thrive”.

- Alexandra Dublanche, Chairwoman of Choose Paris Region.

Choose Paris Region is Paris Region's international attractiveness agency, which promotes the region's influence on the international stage, and provides a high-quality welcome and services to investors, visitors and talent from all over the world, while ensuring the Region's sustainable and balanced development.

Through its knowledge of the Regional economic ecosystem, the agency attracts and supports investors, and facilitates the setting up of companies thanks to targeted, personalized services and partners. It contributes to the development of strong, innovative and sustainable industrial sectors.

It promotes and develops the destination by working with tourism stakeholders and visitors. It provides the resources, tools, support and network that allow Paris Region tourism professionals to develop and distribute a high-quality, innovative and adapted offering.

It contributes to the excellence of Paris Region's film and audiovisual industry: as Europe's leading region, it supports French and international productions, drawing on its cultural heritage and its concentration of professionals and specialized companies.

Finally, the Agency supports and provides resources for international talent who want to settle and live in Paris Region for its quality of life and find the perfect work-life balance.

Chairwoman: Alexandra Dublanche - CEO: Lionel Grotto

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Gender Equality Index 2022

Choose Paris Region is proud to announce that its gender equality index has scored 98 points out of 100, a +4 point increase between 2020 and 2021.
This index has been on the rise for the past two years, reflecting Choose Paris Region's strong commitment to gender equality.

This increase clearly proves the willingness to implement significant actions in favor of gender equality.

We are continuing our commitment to developing gender diversity and equal opportunities for all and at every stage of their careers.

The law for the freedom to choose one's professional future, which was adopted on August 1, 2018, requires companies to publish their gender equality index annually. This obligation aims to reduce any wage discrepancies that may exist between genders.

The index takes into consideration 5 criteria that are calculated over a total of 100 points:

Wage gap (38/40): this indicator shows the difference between the average wages of men and women.

Raise gap (35/35): This indicator compares the percentage of women and men who received a commensurate raise during the year.

Percentage of employees who received a raise upon returning from maternity leave (15/15)

Number of employees of the under-represented gender among the 10 highest earners (10/10): this indicator calculates the gender parity among the 10 highest earners.


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Requests for Proposal

If you would like to answer Choose Paris Region’s public requests for proposals, please visit the Maximilien portal (Paris Region’s portal for public procurement contracts). Find out more about Choose Paris Region’s public procurement contracts:


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