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Living in Paris Region

Living in Paris Region

What are you seeking in a place to call home?
Welcome to the Paris Region, where everyone can thrive. This isn't just a business destination; it's a place to enjoy an exceptional quality of life.

The Paris Region embodies everything you've heard: a vibrant capital celebrated for its gastronomy, fashion, culture, and savoir-vivre. Yet, it offers much more. It's a green expanse with lakes, rivers, and parks inviting you to reconnect with nature. It's also a sustainable community where we collectively forge a brighter future. It is a major worldwide hub where you can feel the comfort of home thanks to an extensive and affordable transportation network. Feel the atmosphere and see for yourself.

Whether you're a professional charting a new career path, a partner embarking on an adventure or a family with children, the Paris Region has something for you. What will your Paris Region story entail?


Career Opportunities

With 15,100 foreign companies creating one in six jobs, Paris Region is a dynamic business hub. Talent is in demand, with dedicated visas and diverse career paths for international students, entrepreneurs, and investors. Expatriate partners find ample opportunities to pursue their careers or start businesses.

Quality of Life

Immerse yourself in a unique blend of history, greenery, and vibrant city life. Enjoy a balanced work-life dynamic, explore cultural hotspots, and benefit from world-class amenities. Paris Region caters to all budgets, offering quality education, healthcare, efficient transportation, and an affordable cost of living.

International Network

Paris Region welcomes 1.8 million foreigners, 100,000 international students, and serves as a global hub for renowned companies, fostering a diverse, multicultural environment. Expatriates seamlessly integrate, immersing in French culture, learning the language, and sharing enriching experiences with a global community.

Finding Your Home

Discover your ideal living space, whether it's close to work, nature, or a vibrant neighborhood. Get practical advice on accommodation, explore coliving options, and download our guide for insights into each district's amenities.

Family-Friendly Environment

Paris Region is perfect for families, offering affordable day-care options and a world-class education system with a dense network of international schools offering foreign programs and diplomas from preschool to high school. For students wanting to pursue their higher education, our universities and Grandes Ecoles provide English-speaking programs.

Come be a part of Paris Region – where your career soars, the quality of life is unmatched, and the international community thrives with genuine bonds and a welcoming spirit.
Discover the stories of expatriates who have already taken the leap, and join us for a vibrant experience like no other!

Settle in Paris Region

Ensure a seamless relocation to the Paris Region with our comprehensive guide! This resource covers essential steps for your family's move, including obtaining visas, securing accommodation, registering for healthcare, and exploring the diverse cultural opportunities the region has to offer.

Need operational help to move to Paris Region?


Whatever your question or need, our team dedicated to welcoming foreign talents is here to assist you: relocation assistance, immigration procedures, support for spouses, housing search, schooling assistance for families with children, and more.
You can also rely on our dedicated network of service providers. With extensive experience in supporting foreign talents in Paris Region, rest assured, they've got you covered.


They Chose to Live in Paris Region   

Whether they arrive for academic pursuits, to establish a business, or to accompany their partner in a relocation, numerous expatriates opt for a new personal or family experience in the Paris Region each year. Explore their insights and anecdotes by delving into the profiles of expatriates who have decided to reside and work in the region.