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The British Community

The United Kingdom is one of the main investor countries in Paris Region. 2,000 British companies are based in France. Whether you're new to Paris Region, or considering relocating here, you will be able to join the 18,000 British people who have also chosen to live and work here. It is easy to reach out to the dynamic international and anglophone community. There are now near 700 English-speaking programs in Paris Region, both bachelor and master's degree.



British Companies in Paris Region
British people
in Paris Region
British Students in Higher Education
2.1 M
British Tourists Visit Paris Region Every Year



English Language Programs in Schools and Higher Education 

A wide range of English language school options are available in Paris Region for children of all ages. 

British families can opt for the French school system which follows the national French curriculum, by choosing a public school, or bilingual and bicultural programs adapted to bilingual and non-French speaking young children. 
Many French schools with British (or American) International Sections are open to children from preschool to high school and offer the International Option of the Baccalaureate (OIB) diploma.  

Among other options, the European School which opened in Paris-La Défense in 2019, offers an English section to cater to the needs of expatriate families. 

In addition, many bilingual or international schools (privately funded schools) also provide a variety of programs and diplomas: International Baccalaureate, High School Diploma or A-levels.  

Among them, the British School of Paris, International School of Paris, Marymount, American School of Paris, EIB Victor Hugo, Jeannine Manuel, Kingsworth International School, etc.   


Find the best international schools for your children


To pursue higher education or a doctorate in Paris Region, Campus France UK acts as a key information desk, guiding and supporting UK students for opportunities to study in the Paris Region.  

French institutions increasingly offer degrees taught in English to attract top international students, whether they speak French or not. There are now more than 500 English-speaking programs in Paris Region, both bachelor and master's degree. Many institutions have been awarded the label « Bienvenue en France » which ensures that there are international student support services. 

In addition, to support scientific cooperation between the United Kingdom and France, the British Council and the French Embassy in the UK strengthen academic exchanges and encourage students and researcher's exchanges between the two countries.   


British Economic, Political and Cultural Organisations 

Many British institutions operate in Paris Region. The economic or political organizations include:  


Cultural and leisure organizations include:  


Not to mention a large network of Alumni associations organising various networking and cultural events together: The Cambridge society of Paris, Alumni of University College London, The Oxford University Society in Paris…  


Networking and Recreational Activities  

Newcomers will easily join a large and dynamic anglophone community in Paris Region: whether through social network groups, daily life, business-oriented groups, websites, networking for expatriates (WICEInterNationsExpats ParisThe LocalAnglo Info …) and English or bilingual activities for children (museum workshops, sports, arts, etc.). You will find support, reliable information on expat-related topics and opportunities to meet new people or develop new business contacts.   

Paris Region has many active English-speaking associations, often open to all nationalities, mixing meetings in every corner of the region, parents discussion groups, cultural outings, books exchanges, leisure activities, happy hours, etc.   
Among them are, The British Community Committee – British in FranceAssociation of American Wives of Europeans (AAWE)Message ParisIrish in France AssociationBritish and Commonwealth Women's AssociationThe Paris Welsh Society… just to name a few.  


Some British Companies Present in Paris Region