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An Innovation Powerhouse

An Innovation Powerhouse

The highest GDP and most Fortune 500 company headquarters in Europe, a buzzing startup scene and a thriving research community are a few of Paris Region’s core assets. But there is much more behind Paris Region’s unique business environment. Here is why companies choose Paris Region to grow, expand and thrive.

In addition to being Europe’s #1 economic region and business hub, Paris Region is praised for its business-friendly atmosphere. Paris Region’s extremely diverse economic landscape caters to all types of businesses, especially those which operate in the Region’s most innovative industries.

A steadfast economic growth and academic excellence are two major draws for investors in search of an operational workforce and a wide consumer base. Add to this the recent economic, labor, and fiscal reform and you will understand why France, and Paris Region in particular, are an attractive place for doing business and investing. 

With 5 of the Top 15 European Business Schools, and 4 of the top 10 best-ranked master's degrees in management, companies will find a pool of highly skilled talents ready to grow their business. Paris Region’s innovation potential has no limits. It is ranked #1 in Europe for: 

  • The number of engineers (632,100)  

  • The number of high-tech patents (over 7,500 per year)  

  • The most generous research tax credits  

  • The highest R&D spending (€21.3 billion per year)  

The region is also a leading innovation hub, sheltering more than 8,000 startups and 1,200 R&D labs. 


A Wealth of Business Clusters 

Paris Region is a real constellation of different types of districts, all of which have their own asset base. Paris Region’s industrial landscape makes it a unique place for businesses in search of quality infrastructure, business opportunities, and talents. 


A Multidisciplinary Hub 

Paris Region is renowned for its competitiveness clusters, especially in Tech. From Artificial Intelligence to Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, Telecommunications, AR/VR and 3D animation, as well as Aerospace, businesses can plug into a fast-growing ecosystem in no time. 

By bringing together large corporations, SMEs, startups, academics and researchers, Paris Region spurs remarkable collaborations and open innovation partnerships. Discover some of the biggest industry clusters and districts in Paris Region, and see where your company might fit in. 

Paris Region Business Hub Map