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The German Community

With its 16,500 German residents and 1,700 German students, Paris Region has very strong ties with Germany. What’s more, Germany is a neighboring country and so is easily accessible by plane or train.

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Companies run by a German investor in Paris Region
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Germans in Paris Region
Leading Source Of Foreign Investment In France In 2021
German Students In Higher Education in Paris Region 2021



German Language Programs in Schools and Higher Education 

Paris Region is home to a range of German language opportunities at schools for children of all ages.  

The French school system follows the national French curriculum and offers bilingual and bicultural programs, appropriate for bilingual or non-French speaking children: 

  • French schools with German International Sections, from preschool to high school, offering the International Option of the Baccalaureate (OIB) diploma.  
    These international sections are part of bilateral partnerships between France and Germany.  


  • French schools with Binational Sections, from secondary school to high school offering a double degree called ABIBAC, German Abitur + French Baccalaureate. 


  • The Lycée Franco-Allemand in Buc offers the Franco-German program from primary to high school and leading to the Franco-German bachelor's degree (deutsch-französisches Abitur). Find out more here

  • The Internationale Deutsche Schule Paris accepts children from kindergarten to high school, offering German programs, German diplomas or the Franco-German double diploma ABIBAC. 



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To pursue higher education or a doctorate in Paris Region, more than 30 universities and Grandes Ecoles, partners of the Université Franco-Allemande (Deutsch-Französische Hochschule), offer binational programs, valuing the practice of both languages and respected knowledge of both cultures.  
Campus France informs and guides German students and researchers in their search until their arrival and move to Paris Region.  


German Economic, Political and Cultural Organizations 

There are many German institutions in Paris Region. Including economic and political organizations such as:  


Cultural organizations: 



Networking and Recreational Activities  

Germans or anyone who has an affinity with German history, culture and language will always find opportunities for exchanges and outings, and find a little bit of Germany in Paris (annual German film festival, bars, discussion groups, parents' associations, after-school activities for children...) or simply meet other expatriates. 


Some German Companies Present in Paris Region