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The Dutch Community

In 2021, France was the leading host country for Dutch job-creating investments in Europe. This reflects the close economic ties between the two countries, with 1,000 Dutch companies in France, dozens of institutions and thousands of nationals working and living in Paris Region. Newcomers will be able to count on the presence of their peers and on the even larger community of English-speaking people.

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Dutch Companies in Paris Region
Dutch Nationals Live in Paris Region
Dutch Students in Higher Education
Dutch Tourists Visit Paris Region Every Year



Dutch and English Languages Programs in Schools and Higher Education 

Paris Region is home to a wide range of school options in English for children of all ages, and alternatives are possible for families who wish to immerse their children in the Dutch culture and language. 

These families can opt for the French school system that follows the national French curriculum. In addition to the public school, the French system also offers bilingual and bicultural programs, appropriate for bilingual or non-French speaking young children.  
Many French schools with American or British International Sections are open to children from preschool to high school, as well as the renowned Lycée International Saint-Germain-en-Laye, offering a Dutch International Section that welcomes 150 students and offers the International Option of the Baccalaureate (OIB) diploma.

Among other options: there are several private schools aiming to link up with Dutch and Flemish education (NVTC Parijs, De Nederlandse School Parijs), a European School and many bilingual or international private schools providing a variety of programs and diplomas (IB, High School Diploma or A-levels) and catering to the needs of expatriate families.  


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To pursue higher education or a doctorate in Paris Region, Campus France acts as a key resource hub and helps foreign students prepare for their period of study in France.   

The French Embassy in the Netherlands offers scholarship programs for young students or researchers to increase student mobility between France and the Netherlands.  

This is without counting French institutions which increasingly offer degrees taught in English to attract international students. There are now more than 500 English-speaking programs in Paris Region for bachelor and master's degree, and many institutions that have been awarded the label « Bienvenue en France » which ensures international student support services. 


Dutch Economic, Political and Cultural Organizations 

Some Dutch institutions operate in Paris Region. Including economic and political organizations:   


Cultural and leisure organizations:  



Networking and Recreational Activities  

Newcomers eager to get closer to their compatriots will find an active Dutch association in Paris Region to share their experiences of Parisian life and take part in fun family activities (cultural outings, Sinterklaas, summer parties…), in partnership with the Dutch organizations based in Paris. 

Furthermore, expatriates will also be able to easily join many supportive English-speaking communities through social network groups - daily life or business-oriented groups, websites and networking for expatriates in Paris Region (WICEInterNationsThe LocalAnglo InfoMessage Paris…), activities for children and the whole family, etc.  


Some Dutch Companies Present in Paris Region