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The Italian Community

Paris Region is home to a large community of Italians. With 53,000 residents, Italians are the third most represented European community in Paris Region. This is without the 4,000 Italian students in Paris Region and 1,700 Italian companies in France.



Italian companies in Paris Region
Italian Living in Paris Region
Italian Students in Higher Education
1.5 M
Italian Tourists Every Year



Italian Languages Programs in Schools and Higher Education 

Paris Region is home to a range of Italian language opportunities at school for children of all ages.  

The French school system follows the national French curriculum and offers bilingual and bicultural programs, appropriate for bilingual or non-French speaking young children: 

  • French schools with Italian International Sections, from preschool to high school, offering the International Option of the Baccalaureate (OIB) diploma.  
    These international sections are part of bilateral partnerships between France and Italy. 


  • French schools with Binational Sections, from secondary school to high school offering a double degree called ESABAC  (Italian Esame di Stato + French Baccalaureate ). 


The Istituto statale italiano Leonardo Da Vinci is an Italian public school open to children from kindergarten to high school and offers the ESABAC diploma. 


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To pursue higher education or a doctorate in Paris Region, the French-Italian University, the Institut Français Italia, and Campus France Italia promote and identify binational university courses, at master or bachelor's level, offering a double degree or a joint degree, recognized in both France and Italy.   

In addition, various campaigns are regularly launched to promote the mobility of doctoral students, researchers, professors and to encourage Italian startups (Young Entrepreneurs Initiative YEI program). 


Italian Economic, Political and Cultural Organizations 

Among these organizations in Paris Region we can mention:  



Networking Activities  

Italian expatriates who choose to settle in Paris Region will have the opportunity to meet fellow nationals or French people with a love for Italy, through cultural and artistic activities, specific events (the Italian Week, Italian film festival from Rome to Paris...), parents' associations of schools offering Italian programs, etc. 


Some Italian Companies Present in Paris Region