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Paris Saclay

Paris-Saclay - 1st French R&D Hub

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On the doorsteps of Paris, in the immediate vicinity of Orly International Airport, and at the heart of an internationally recognized Campus-Cluster project, the Paris-Saclay area is a major economic and career hub in Paris Region.

With 60 business sites and top cross-functional (Health, Energy, Future Mobility, Digital Tech, Aerospace, Cybersecurity & Defense, Foodtech, A.I. & Quantum Tech), Paris-Saclay owns key assets to attract companies and ensure a successful set-up in the area.

Steadily growing each year with the launch of several hundred businesses, the area is dynamic and benefits from the presence of key innovation players (DAMAE Médical, Exotrail, Quandela, Ynsect, among others) brought together within the French Tech Community in Paris Saclay. Home to 40% of overall public and private research in Paris Region and 15% of High-Tech R&D in France, the Paris-Saclay area is the number 1 innovation ecosystem in Europe.

Paris-Saclay is not only an innovation hotbed home to the R&D activities of large corporations, but also home to the headquarters and training facilities of companies such as Sanofi, Eurofins, Danone, Nokia, EDF, Carrefour, Safran, Thales, to name a few. With its major public research centers, the area stimulates the development of major sectors and innovation such as health and biotech, digital tech (quantum, A.I., optics-photonics), energy, future mobility, smart manufacturing, agtech, aerospace/New Space, and cybersecurity among others.


  Business & Innovation
  • 71,000 Companies
  • 428,000 Jobs
  • DeepTech, Health & Healthtech, Aeronautics & Defence, Agtech, Cybersecurity, Future Mobility, Sustainable city
  • Major international companies & startups
  • 15% of French R&D
  • 65,000 Students
  • 19 Universities and national research centers
  • 9 Grandes Ecoles
  • 360 Research Labs
  Quality of Life
  • Château de Versailles
  • 38 theatres – 2 Operas
  • 1 National Golf & Velodrome
  • 1 Natural Regional Park
  • Green open space: 281 Km²
  • 5 International schools
    Including: Institut Japonais de Montigny, 1st Paris Region Japanese School, Lycée franco-allemand de Buc, Lycée international public de Palaiseau
  • 826,000 inhabitants




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