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La Défense

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Paris Ouest La Défense is truly a new centrality in the Paris Region. Located right next to Paris downtown, this area is home to 562,000 habitants and hosts 470,000 jobs. The La Défense business district is a reknowed world business icone, famous for having all examples of postmodern architecture, and is still expanding West.

Not only is it a natural nest for global headquarters and startups, Paris Ouest La Défense is also the place for a brilliant life, with major shopping opportunities at Westfield Les Quatre Temps shopping center, the Paris La Défense Arena - biggest European indoor stadium and concert hall, and over 42,000 students.

With a dense transportation network, Paris Ouest La Défense is extremely well connected to downtown, airports, the whole Paris Region and Normandy. And actually growing, with 2 new Grand Paris express lines and the extension of RER E connection thru the Seine Valley and Paris North TGV Hub.

The south of Paris Ouest La Défense is a more green, less densified area. In this exceptional environment landscape, made of forests, royal parks and golf courses, beautiful neighborhoods offer an unexpected quality of life.


  Business & Innovation
  • 62,000 companies
  • 525,000 jobs
  • Main areas of expertise: IT/ Audit & Consulting – Banking/ Insurance/ Fintech Energy/ Engineering – Health
  • 45,000 students
  • 3 universities
  • 11 Grandes Ecoles (equivalent to“red brick” universities)
  • 18 business incubators
  • Offices: 7,5 million sqm
  • From 350 to 500 €/sqm/year
  • 30 Coworking Spaces
  • 100% Fiber-Optic connected
  • Business creation Development support
  • Matching between companies and research centers
  Quality of Life
  • Paris La Défense Arena 40,000 seats
  • 12 Theatres
  • 11 Museums
  • 5 Golfs
  • 862 Ha of green open space
  • 8 International schools

  • Les 4 Temps, Biggest European mall
  • 8 Malls
  • 12,000 Shops
  • 30 French Markets
  • 560,000 inhabitants
  • Flat: 4,000 to 9,000 €/sqm
  • House: 5,000 to 12,000 €/sqm


La Défense
La Défense



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