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Scale Your Business - Services

At Choose Paris Region, we strive to accompany international companies throughout every step of their expansion journey: from exploring Paris Region’s ecosystem, to setting up your office and recruiting, we provide a full range of free, customized and confidential services that will help international companies save time and money.

For instance, this starts with helping companies scope market opportunities, providing them with advice on how best to build their business case and on the competitive landscape around their industries. This is not forgetting the advice we provide on the best places to incubate their solution or where they can find the best quality R&D facilities.

Moving forward, we connect international companies with our extensive network of partners (large corporations) in the effort to help you build strong partnerships and “get your foot in the door” of Paris Region corporate landscape. This translates into more concrete and operational tips such as how to find office workspace and recruit your future teams to ensure your landing is a smooth as possible.

For the companies which have already set foot in the region, we are there to help them grow further and recruit more talents. Whatever a company’s development stage or ambition, working with Choose Paris Region is the best port of call to entering the region’s market.


  • Learn more about your industry in Paris Region
  • Evaluate your potential market
  • Get in touch with the local ecosystem
  • Submit your solution to one of our open calls for applications


Set up

  • Create your legal entity in France
  • Open a bank account
  • Understand the French tax system


  • Identify your talent needs
  • Tap into the Region’s talent pools
  • Build your team (contracts and visa solutions)


  • Find the best real estate solution for your business (office space or industrial site)
  • Explore coworking space options


  • Prepare the relocation of employees and family
  • Connect with communities of international expats
  • Get comfortable with your life in the Region


Keep growing your established business in the Region.

We can help you:

  • Recruit talents,
  • Develop R&D partnerships,
  • Realize your real estate projects,
  • Unlock financing, etc.

Start a Business in Paris Region

Our handbook for international companies compiles essential information to get you started with the operational side of your expansion to the Paris Region. From the incorporation of your business in France to opening a bank account and relocating, we’ve got you covered with practical advice.