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Finding the Right Office in Paris Region: Coworking, Managed Offices, and Business Support Centers

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One of the most important steps when setting up is finding the perfect environment for your team. Young startups can be guided and housed by Business Support Centers while international businesses can now be more mobile with coworking spaces and managed offices. Here's a step-by-step guide highlighting the various types of office spaces, the paperwork needed to apply, and additional help available when searching for a new office.

Which type of business are you?

Coworking - For all business types

Paris Region is a place of collaboration and business synergy. Home to 33 operators covering 37 brands and almost 500 coworking spaces, a variety of flexible and collaborative office experiences are available to all business types regardless of size. What are the benefits of choosing a coworking space?  According to a November 2021 report from Maddyness almost 70% of coworking occupants reported that a frequent business synergy existed between companies sharing the open space. Overall, the types of coworking environments can vary and the amount of shared/private space can be adjusted according to preference.

Popular coworking options:

"©Wojo Tolbiac"
©Wojo Tolbiac



With a network of +350 workspaces in Europe and +6000 members, Wojo provides flexibility for freelancers, SMBs, and large companies. Options include coworking, customizable private offices, and meeting rooms that can be reserved on a one-off or recurring basis. More recently Wojo has partnered with Accor to create dedicated spaces not only at participating hotels, but other locations in popular travel hubs such as train stations, airports, shopping malls will also soon be available. For the constantly on-the-move professional these Wojo Corners/Wojo Spots offer a more mobile workspace solution that provides a relaxed environment and secure high-speed wi-fi even when far away from the home office.


Paris Region based Morning offers open space, private offices and floors, and even entire buildings for teams over 75 people. Members have access to open office spaces across 13 locations and the Morning network of more than 500 companies. The Concorde location situated near the iconic Hotel de la Marine offers clients a unique workspace in the heart of Paris Region’s distinguished monuments.


Wework provides a global network and offers dedicated desk, standard office, office suite, and full-floor office options. Wework members can choose a single location or access any Wework building worldwide. Subscriptions are flexible with options ranging from hour, day, month, or longer.

Welkin and Meraki

Focused on a more confidential and premium experience, Welkin and Meraki offers private office suites, corporate security & access control, and 24/7 access. The on-site restaurant even includes a meal plan named “Brainfood” developed by a 1-star Michelin chef.   


And many more options:


Business Support Center/Hôtel d’entreprises - For startups and small businesses

A Business Support Center is an office space option for startups and young businesses (less than 3 or 4 years old) that have finished the incubation period but still need guidance. For businesses older than 4 years, the Hôtel d’entreprises is a similar alternative.

Saclay, the first R&D hub in France, is home to the major Tech Business Support Center WIPSE Paris-Saclay. For more information on Paris Region’s R&D hubs check out our article highlighting the thriving research community along with our guide that identifies 14 iconic R&D hubs in Paris Region.

WIPSE Paris-Saclay Entreprises: Orsay Campus

WIPSE Paris-Saclay is a Tech Business Support Center that has 4 office parks dedicated to entrepreneurship along with a range of workspaces. The Orsay Campus has 27 office spaces and is located in the heart of the Paris-Saclay campus.

Wacano Search Engine

A search site such as WACANO can also help you find the right Business Support Center/Hôtel d’entreprises solution in Paris Region.


Managed offices – For medium/large teams

Managed offices provide an experience that more closely resembles the classic office but with added flexibility in terms of the contract and offered services (such as office management, maintenance, cleaning). The experience is thus halfway between a coworking space and a traditional office lease. Managed offices also allow companies to have more control over how their office space looks.

There is less commitment with managed offices, but they can be more expensive than traditional offices (depending on the size of the company) and typically have a minimum rental period of 6 months to 1 year. A minimum team of 10 – 15 people is also usually required.  

Popular Managed Office Options:

"©Myflexoffice Opera Triplex"
©Myflexoffice Opera Triplex




Myflexoffice offers independent environments that specialize in open spaces, customizable meeting rooms, and workspaces that facilitate interaction.


DESKEO specializes in space searching, space planning, and even workspace customization. They offer prebuilt workspaces with included services such as internet, maintenance, and other essentials.


For medium and large teams, Snapdesk offers various locations throughout Paris Region along with personalized options. Options include open/closed spaces and even the choice between Haussmann, industrial, or contemporary environments.

Come Prepared

Necessary Documents

To gain time, and according to your budget, it is best to research average costs and specific requirements before scheduling any type of visit. If you come prepared your company can maximize efficiency.

Below is a list of common requirements that often need to be presented in order to set up an office in Paris Region:

  • Identification
  • The business’s Certificate of Incorporation (Kbis)/or equivalent in your country
  • Proof of Insurance (RCE assurance responsabilité civile des entreprise)
  • Deposit: Usually between 2- and 4-months’ rent depending on how many desks you need

Monthly Cost

The monthly cost of a private office space will depend on the location in Paris Region. Based on data collected by Workthere – Powered by Savills 2021, here is an infographic detailing the average costs in the various neighborhoods. Prices may vary so it is best to verify directly with the provider.


Extra Help With Finding the Perfect Space

Various online platforms are also available to help you find the right office environment. If your business needs extra help with the search INSTANT and CHOOSE AND WORK are popular options that provide curated selections, organize visits, and negotiate leases for clients.

Choose Paris Region: Your Support Team
Still have questions? Choose Paris Region is here to help. Specialized team members can provide resources and solutions to help your business find the perfect office environment.


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