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Why Doing Business in Paris Region Is So Unique?

Why doing business in Paris Region is so unique

Paris Region is one of the most attractive regions in Europe for business. Companies benefit from a business-friendly environment, a hub for innovation and investment, a wide customer base and a highly qualified workforce. All this makes Paris Region a global player in the top league of successful & sustainable metropolitan regions.

A business-friendly environment

Paris Region is a major business hub and the number one region in Europe for economic dynamism.

With 27 of the world’s top 500 corporate headquarters, the highest GDP in Europe, and a concentration of businesses of all sizes – Paris Region attracts considerable foreign direct investments with U.S., UK and German companies being the top 3 investors in the region.

Strategically located at the nexus of European, Asian and U.S. time zones, well connected to major airports and easily accessible from any European city, Paris Region offers a global reach to international and EU markets and access to 500 million European consumers.

From Financial Services, to DeepTech to Smart Mobility, Eco Tech, Aerospace, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Film, Logistics and much more, Paris Region’s varied and dynamic ecosystem caters for all types of businesses, whatever their development stage and prospects for growth – be it to expand, scale-up or reinvest. And when it comes down to setting up, it is worth noting that Paris Region has Europe’s largest inventory of business real estate as well as being twice as cheap as London in terms of the rental cost.

Investment and innovation

With more than 160,000 researchers, 1,200 R&D labs and 8,000 startups, Paris Region’s robust Tech Ecosystem acts as an irresistible magnet to Tech Giants, investors and startups.

The most attractive asset of the Region is its “plug-and-play” business environment, which lets Tech companies hit the ground running almost immediately. This is thanks to the considerable resources and infrastructure allocated to innovation. Indeed, Paris Region has the highest R&D budget in Europe totaling €20,2bn and is home to Station F, one of the world’s biggest startup campuses. It also shelters hundreds of other incubators and accelerators to help entrepreneurs grow their companies. On top of that, very attractive R&D tax credits (30% of R&D expenditure is tax-deductible) and a fast-track French Tech Visa are major draws for foreigners wanting to join, launch or invest in a startup.

World-class talent & great quality of life

With a booming startup scene and a thriving business ecosystem, many international businesses are drawn by Paris Region’s fertile business ground but also by its pool of young and cosmopolitan talents. The Region is indeed the largest employment pool, and home to 40% of France’s R&D workforce. Renowned for its world-class universities and academic institutions, the Region breeds highly skilled talents, especially in technical fields. The city of Paris for instance has 10 of the world’s top 500 universities in Computer Science and Engineering and two of Paris Region universities are ranked in the Shanghai Academic Ranking of World Universities’ top 3 for studying Life sciences and Engineering.

Last but not least, Paris Region has an amazing vibe, excellent health infrastructure, extensive green spaces and public parks, a vast array of cultural sights, and one of the finest wine & dine scenes in the world, making it the perfect place to do business whilst enjoying a rich quality of life.

Perspectives for business – Moving forward

Given the COVID-19 context, Paris Region has implemented, on top of National and European plans, a considerable set of measures to mitigate the impacts of the health crisis and support international companies on its soil. Paris Region’s €1.3 bn “Economic, Ecological and Solidarity” recovery plan is focusing on new business models, agendas, and goals to build strong foundations for the future. Foundations that are business-oriented but also sustainable. All in all, Paris Region will keep encouraging foreign companies to expand to Paris Region and benefit from the Region’s economic dynamism and unbeatable quality of life.

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