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A Unique Destination to Host AMLA

The Best Destination for AMLA

With 6 million highly qualified jobs and 1 million companies, Paris region accounts for 5.3% of the European Union’s GDP. It has a high density of technology companies and internationally renowned competitiveness clusters, which benefit from cutting-edge digital infrastructures (very high speed, cybersecurity, cloud, etc.).

Paris region is also the leading financial center in the EU (more than 362,000 professionals work in this sector) and the Paris stock exchange recently posted a higher market capitalisation than London. A location in Paris region therefore offers many job opportunities for the spouses of European agency staff.

The Paris Region stands as a central hub in Europe, a place where businesses thrive, and individuals and families find the quality environment they need. It's a space where we work towards creating a greener future.


A vibrant business ecosystem | A quality environment for the entire family | An eco-friendly Region



A vibrant business ecosystem

The Paris Region has the highest GDP and hosts the most Fortune 500 company headquarters in Europe. It boasts an important and innovative financial ecosystem that includes the local presence of the European Banking Agency (EBA) and the Financial Action Task Force (FATF). Additionally, an international system dedicated to the fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism (AML/CFT) operates in the Region, benefitting from an excellent rating by the FATF.

The Region's buzzing startup scene and thriving research community make it a popular choice for international companies looking to expand and grow in Europe. There, entrepreneurs and professionals find a business-friendly atmosphere and a diverse economic landscape that caters to all types of businesses, especially those that operate in the Region’s most innovative industries

Recent economic, social, and tax reforms have strengthened France's attractiveness for business and investment, with the Paris Region standing out as a particularly favorable hub for such activities.

A hub at the center of Europe

Located at the heart of Europe, the Paris Region enjoys excellent connectivity with both Europe and the rest of the world.

Travelers and local residents benefit from a sophisticated infrastructure that provides convenient and rapid access to European capitals: Paris is only a 2-hour flight away from Geneva, London, Barcelona, Rome and Berlin while the high-speed train (TGV) gives access to other European capitals in under 3 hours.

This well-developed network is supported by three international airports, seven high-speed train stations, and an extensive web of interconnected subway and suburban train lines, facilitating easy travel within France, Europe, and beyond.

This facilitates seamless travel for work, regular visits to friends and family, and planning getaways in France or other destinations!

Residents in the Paris Region rely on the world's largest public transportation network for their daily travels. Additionally, they have access to cleaner, eco-friendly alternatives actively promoted and supported by local authorities.

For short distances within the region, cycling is not only an efficient way to commute but also a great way to protect the environment.

The Region already features 5,800+ km of bike lanes in which the regional council plans to continue investing millions of euros to further develop this eco-friendly transportation mode.

Additionally, the Paris Region offers a wide array of accommodation options. With a diverse range of hotels catering to every budget, visitors can expect a tailored experience, whether they are traveling for business or leisure.


A quality environment for the entire family

With an incomparable culture and leisure scene, the Paris Region offers an unbeatable quality of life which makes it a top-of-the-list destination to live and work. On top of offering a great environment to professionals, the Paris Region will also cater to the needs of the whole family.

Affordable access to essential services

The Paris Region is both the Region with the highest concentration of jobs in France and the one with the highest salaries. The outstanding and affordable public services allow many newcomers to benefit from a good quality of life at a lower expense than elsewhere in the world.

These services include top-notch transportation, education, and healthcare, to name a few. As the region hosts numerous multicultural communities, it caters to the needs of international residents at every level.

For instance, within the region's extensive network of medical facilities, many offer multilingual services, ensuring that international patients and their families, who may not speak French, receive the medical attention they require and the best service possible.


Superior education, from early childhood to university

The Paris Region provides an excellent environment for children, offering support from early childhood through higher education.

Thanks to France's advantageous social benefits system, parents here pay comparatively lower childcare costs than in other European countries. Daycare centers and nannies/childminders offer affordable care options for infants and toddlers, either at the center or at in the children's and the nannies' homes.

For children aged 3 and above, the Paris Region specifically provides a wide array of bilingual and international schooling options, with over 120 public schools offering bilingual programs, more than 40 international private schools, and various curricula like IB, European Baccalaureate, and Montessori across state-funded and private institutions.

Among these schools, the European School provides excellent education with priority access for the children of personnel from European and international organizations.

Renowned globally, the Paris Region's education system includes esteemed higher-education universities and specialized schools, catering well to international students and families with tailored training programs.

Opportunities for spouses

As the capital and economic hub of France, the Paris Region is home to many international companies and thousands of startups, making it the perfect Region to boost one’s career, launch a business, or find a job in an international & multicultural environment.

Expat profiles are especially valued and appreciated in tech, sales, engineering, and other positions requiring an international background and collaboration.

Spouses will also find strong international communities they can count on to build a new foundation for their life in the Region.

Supporting you and your family

Choose Paris Region has extensive expertise in supporting professionals and their families as they settle in the Paris Region. Our team of 120 members provides essential resources, our knowledge of the area, administrative support, and tailored guidance at every stage of your relocation. We're here to make sure you and your family have a smooth experience, helping you make the most out of what the region offers each day!


An eco-friendly Region

The Paris Region encompasses 75% green space, lakes, and rivers, offering opportunities for activities like biking through the expansive Rambouillet Park, boating along the Canal Saint Martin, or simply taking leisurely nature walks.

Apart from offering the joys of nature to its residents, the Paris Region is dedicated to creating a more sustainable environment for the future. This commitment involves promoting sustainability through business, environmentally responsible urban planning, and supporting projects with positive social impacts.

One of the Region's primary goals is achieving total carbon neutrality by 2050. By 2030, a €46 million investment in renewable energies aims to ensure that 40% of Paris' energy consumption comes from renewable sources, marking a significant step forward.

Various incentives will be offered to residents to encourage the reduction of their environmental footprint. This includes promoting active transportation modes and the adoption of electric cars. Additionally, the entire regional bus fleet is set to transition to biogas and electric biogas buses by 2025.