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Tips to Find a Home in Paris Region

Tips to Find a Home in Paris Region - 048_Real-Estate_recherche_AdobeStock_329598659_1920x1080_web

You may be wondering how to find the right accommodation in Paris Region. Here are some essential tips to help with your search!

As Paris Region is home to diverse neighborhoods, departments, and multiple Parisian districts (called “arrondissements”), there is no doubt you will be able to find the perfect location that suits your lifestyle and needs. Getting around Paris Region is easy thanks to its accessible and efficient public transport system, allowing residents to benefit from an exceptional living environment and work-life balance. Green spaces for nature-lovers, family-friendly activities, dynamic places for people looking for cultural outings… All profiles and lifestyles can be found in the Region!

A Glimpse of the Rental Market in Paris Region

Furnished and Unfurnished Properties

The French term, “meublé,” means the place is furnished while “non-meublé” or “vide” indicates that the space is unfurnished. A furnished property usually has bedding, kitchen utensils and equipment, tables and seats, lighting, etc., but most properties on the market are unfurnished.

French law treats unfurnished and furnished properties differently. Unfurnished properties have a standard contract period of three years, as opposed to furnished properties, which have a period of one year. The tenant can give notice at any time that they wish to terminate their contract, and the minimum notice period is around one month depending on the location. If you are coming to France for a short stay, your best option will be a furnished rental. This can also serve as a temporary solution while looking for a permanent home.

Average Rental Price

To give you an idea, rent is on average between €16–38 per square meter per month. This is quite a wide scale, as Paris Region is vast, and real estate prices always vary. There are a lot of criteria that must also be considered. To get a better understanding of the average price per square meter in Paris Region according to your accommodation choices, you can check out this page.

Utilities, Compulsory Insurance, and Residence Tax

Rent typically includes cold water and sewage rates as well as the fee for the communal association that manages the apartment building’s public areas. However, most of the time, it does not include electricity and/or gas, telephone, internet, or cable TV charges.

Be aware that you will be requested to subscribe to a home insurance policy (“assurance habitation”) to mitigate risks of water damage, theft, fires, and explosions. Make sure your insurance covers your personal belongings and damage caused to neighbors or third parties. The average cost for insurance is between €350-€450 a year for houses and €250-€350 a year for apartments.

In addition, there is an annual “residence tax” which must be paid to the local town hall (“Mairie”). The amount of this French property tax depends on the size and condition of the property as well as the rates set by the local communes.


How to Find Your Perfect Home

Real Estate Agencies

If you plan to live in Paris Region for a long period of time, it could be more convenient to contact a real estate agency, as they will be able to offer a wide range of properties according to your requests. It could also be very helpful if you are in a rush to find accommodation or if you are struggling to find a place on your own. Keep in mind that it is strongly recommended that you have a permanent work contract in place if you want to be accepted by a real estate agency. Note that agency fees vary according to the agency’s terms and conditions as well as the area in which you are trying to settle.

Online Platforms

While renting directly from the landlord is typically cheaper, it is recommended you know a little about your rights as a tenant and have a basic understanding of the market. Naturally, knowing some French would help you communicate more efficiently and build better trust. You should be particularly cautious if you contact a landlord via a website where adverts are free and unmoderated.

Other Helpful Service Providers

There are a multitude of service providers based in Paris Region that can help expatriates quickly feel at home: relocation agencies, apartment hunters, companies that offer rental guarantees, etc. Choose Paris Region can put you in touch with real estate partner agencies specialized in short/long term rentals and furnished properties.


Getting Prepared

The Application

You will most likely be required to provide documents as proof of financial stability. This could include pay slips (often the last 3 months), your employment contract, your last tax notice, your ID card, and a French bank account statement. The common practice is that your income must be at least three times higher than your rent, but there might be some flexibility around this rule. Additionally, owners usually require a guarantor if the salary is not equivalent to three times the rent. Some alternatives can be provided: specialized firms can act as your guarantor. Choose Paris Region can put you in contact with them.

Security Deposit and Fees

The typical deposit in France is two months’ rent (mainly for unfurnished properties). There also may be an application fee (typically under €100), as well as the rental agent’s fees (typically between €250 and one month’s rent) if you choose to use this service.

Final Tips

Available property tends to move quickly in Paris Region; sometimes, a property is rented the same day it goes on the market! Once you find a place you like, you may have to act fast.
Make sure to also request that the taxes that are needed to be paid by each party are clearly stated in the contract. Check the terms of your lease carefully to be sure you understand your liabilities!
To get more tips about relocating to Paris Region, you can access our practical guide here or get in touch with our relocation partners on our dedicated platform.


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