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Volta is Charging Up Paris Region’s E-Mobility Hub

Volta is Charging Up Paris Region’s E-Mobility Hub

Recognized as the company with the most utilized EV charging stations in the US, Volta has achieved success by integrating EV charging into popular commercial locations while also serving as a maximum impact ad platform through their digital screens. Recently choosing Paris Region, Volta Charging has now set their sights on a full-scale European expansion. We spoke with Vincent Grena, Head of Europe, to understand why Paris Region is their ideal international hub, how the mobility market is growing fast, and insights into their strategy for building a top-tier team.


Please tell us a few words about Volta Charging and its charging solutions – what makes your solutions unique on the market?

Volta Charging brings a uniquely differentiated approach to answering the challenge of e-mobility and its infrastructure needs. We bring charging stations to the places people already go, which means that Volta is not asking EV drivers to change their habits – instead, we integrate charging seamlessly into their lives while simultaneously encouraging people to switch to an electric vehicle. We are demonstrating that e-mobility can, and should be, easy. And in doing so, we are helping site owners and landlords to plan for the future, equipping their businesses with EV chargers and assuming all costs for them.

How do we do it? Parts of our charging stations are equipped with digital screens, positioned for maximum impact at the doorstep of commercial locations. These screens allow brands to communicate and advertise, influencing high-quality consumers just before they enter a store. With these advertising revenues, the charging fees on Volta's network are as low as possible, which we call the "sponsored charge.” It is a powerful service for EV drivers, site owners, and, of course, advertisers.


What made Volta Charging choose to expand to Paris Region?

Paris Region is ideally located on the European scene and this position was a determining factor for Volta because of our European ambitions. Whether it’s in terms of meeting and exchanging with French or European public institutions, commercial and financial partners, or landlords, Paris Region represents an ideal international hub. It allows us to be easily noticed in Europe and to be seen by new partners. Finally, this position considerably supports our efforts toward hiring the best EV and media expertise: who doesn’t want to come to Paris for work?


How do you see the mobility market evolving in Paris Region compared to Berlin, where your company is also based?

Berlin and Paris are complementary locations. Having a foot in both helps us recruit the best candidates by offering them two great places to live and work.


Can you discuss your experience building your team and recruiting talents in Paris Region?

Being based in Paris Region allows us to attract and retain top-tier talent. It is an exciting place for potential candidates to come to, whether they come from France or elsewhere in the world. We’re very focused on diversity and believe deeply that a multicultural company will allow us to propose the smartest solutions in the market. Today, with more than 20 staff, we host 11 different nationalities.


What do you enjoy the most about business in Paris Region?

Paris Region is a “business must-see area” because of its multicultural business-minded people and companies, but also because of the attraction around Paris, its history, its architecture, and the French cuisine. Let's put it this way: we never have problem organizing meetings with potential international partners in Paris, they say yes right away! And for the team, everyone loves to commute to Paris. Paris area is a great “Adresse”.


Please describe Paris Region in only 3 words

Trendy, Efficient, and International.


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