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Robeau: A Company Dedicated to Paris Region’s Sustainable Development

Robeau: A Company Dedicated to Paris Region’s Sustainable Development

As a precious and vital resource, preventing water waste and overconsumption are at the core of Robeau’s objectives. Founded in 2016, this thriving Irish company is committed to reducing water consumption by implementing innovative and sustainable solutions. Their water saving system helps infrastructures, factories and offices save water by installing a simple, time and cost-effective device to manage water consumption. To follow up on Robeau’s recent expansion to Paris Region, we talked to Laëtitia Muchert, Marketing & Communications Director, who talked about the company’s objectives for sustainability, partnerships with major players in the Region and future projects.

Could you tell us more about Robeau and your role in the company?

Hi, I’m Laëtitia Muchert. I am the Marketing & Communications Director at Robeau, an Irish company specialized in Smart Water created in 2016 in Oxford, UK by 2 co-founders. We have been working for years on developing a turnkey IoT solution associated with the LoRa technology and the latest innovative components with a view to creating a real-time water consumption indicator. Robeau is developing through its various subsidiaries around the world (Senegal, France, Monaco, and the US soon) and is present in 4 major sectors: SMART Industry, SMART Building, SMART City and SMART Agriculture. Robeau equips all types of buildings: from airports to food factories, from shopping centers to office buildings.

Can you tell us more about the product you have developed?

The Robeau solution allows users to understand how and where water is consumed in their building from different connected devices (computers, smartphones, tablets). The Robeau platform recovers all the data from the sensors and meters installed on its customers' premises, consolidates it, and provides a complete analysis via the development of monitoring tools. This platform offers the possibility to program SMS and email alerts in real time to manage consumption data, detect leaks, anomalies, and overconsumption of water. This makes it possible to be more reactive and thus optimize maintenance systems for improved predictive maintenance.

What are Robeau’s main sustainable objectives?

Our main sustainable objective is to save and keep our water intact all around the world, by minimizing water waste and leakage. Our ambition is to become a world reference and advocate in water conservation and protection, enabling all our users to reduce their water consumption by at least 30%. The Robeau technology allows to transform the building into an intelligent place (Smart Building) and to make a step further on the sustainable development by integrating its functions in the CSR* policies, LEED**, HEQ*** and BREEAM**** certifications. This is a way to both enhance the value of its clients' innovation services and reduce their water footprint.

* Corporate Social Responsibility (WW)
** Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (US)
*** High Environmental Quality (FR)
**** Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (WW)

What were the main assets in Paris Region that brought you to expand your business here?

We chose Paris Region to establish the Robeau's head office both for its location: a cosmopolitan sharing space and the N°1 innovation center in Europe — but above all, for its commitment to supporting sustainable development and eco-responsible urban planning. It’s paramount for Robeau to work at the epicenter of an environment that shares the same values and the same struggles. Since Paris Region is ranked 1st for the building sector in France and because sustainability has become one of its main priorities, Robeau is willing to play its part through joint projects with local authorities. Robeau vastly contributes to the construction of smarter buildings and cities to achieve a more efficient water consumption and wishes to become a leader in this department.

Robeau has already equipped several smart buildings in the Region, such as the Vinci airports, the SAP So Ouest Tower in Levallois Perret and the Auchan stores, including the largest in France in Velizy. As Paris Region is home to a thriving ecosystem of construction majors and energy specialists who are readying for the future of the industry 4.0, it makes sense to help them complete their goals with Robeau.

Please share with us some insights on some of your major projects in Paris Region, such as your partnership with l’Oréal?

Robeau has installed general meters below ground level to monitor the water supply, while sensors deployed at each level monitor and report consumption in real time, detect leaks and provide precise location of system faults. Sprinklers for plant watering are monitored for leaks, overuse, underuse, and other anomalies. The system can be regulated to suit the area being watered. There are 47 water sensors and meters on the campus: 15 for basement metering and pipe monitoring, 20 for the toilet blocks and 20 for the garden watering systems. With Robeau, the building has had a 30% reduction in water bills per year, there have been more than 10 leaks detected on the campus and 50% savings on water consumption have been achieved in the first year.

Any future projects in Paris Region?

Yes, we will soon be assisting the CNRS - Space Astrophysics Institute - University of South Paris - in monitoring the flow rate of a cooler that helps recreate space conditions. Indeed, thanks to our sensors and the programming of alerts, this will help them ensure that the water level of the cooler always remains optimal for its operation.

We are also going to equip four 5 à Sec dry cleaners, one of the biggest consumers of water, to help them control their water consumption and detect anomalies, as well as to raise awareness among their staff on issues related to water saving and prevention.

And many more to come in France, Middle East, Africa, and America’s.

How has Paris Region’s business and talent ecosystem helped Robeau grow?

The needs are numerous, and the Robeau solution comes at the right time to meet the market demands. The company’s activity quickly spread to Paris Region and the rest of the national territory, but also beyond borders (Europe, Middle East, Southy and North America, …). We have chosen to manage this growth from our Paris site. Paris Region accompanies and guides us by offering us the right contacts and the best resources and advice for our expansion project to start in France, then in Europe and finally worldwide. Thanks to Paris Region, we could concentrate on the development of our activity in the best conditions.

And finally, how would you describe Paris Region in 3 words? 

Innovative, Sustainable, Uniting

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