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Viva Technology 2024: Showcasing the Paris Region's Tech Innovation and Global Influence

Alexandra Dublanche, Chairwoman of Choose Paris Region,  Speaker at the conference « Can we make tourism sustainable »

From May 22nd to 25th, 2024, Choose Paris Region shined at the 8th edition of Viva Technology, Europe’s biggest startup and tech innovation event, held in Paris.

With prominent local figures such as Valérie Pécresse, President of the Paris Region, and Alexandra Dublanche, Chairwoman of Choose Paris Region, Vice-President in charge of Recovery, Attractiveness, Economic Development and Innovation, the event highlighted the Paris Region's position as a beacon of innovation and technological excellence on the global stage.

Choose Paris Region at VivaTech 2024

In a nutshell, this year's edition was a phenomenal success. It drew 165,000 attendees from over 160 countries – a 10% increase from 2023 and attracted 13,500 startups who connected with over 2,000 investors. Overall, the event reached a global audience of 2 billion, a testament to VivaTech's international influence.

Since VivaTech’s inception Choose Paris Region, alongside the Paris Region, has consistently participated to amplify its appeal and influence on the global stage. With its concentration of innovation stakeholders, the show provides a great environment to showcase the Region and its tech ecosystem.

So, this year again, Choose Paris Region used the opportunity to invite international companies, investors, and delegations to take part in the event and see for themselves what the Paris Region has to offer.

For this edition only, the agency engaged with over 400 international companies and institutions, hosted 27 international delegations from 19 countries and organized 11 impactful sessions over four days. It also awarded 80 passes for companies with ongoing investment projects in the Region, spanning 20 countries including India, the USA, Japan, Australia, and the UK.

With the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games on the horizon, this was only a beginning for the Paris Region which particularly stands out this year as the go-to destination for innovation and sustainability!

Exceptional International Mobilization: Japan as Guest of Honor

Japan's role as the guest country at VivaTech 2024 emphasized the strengthening ties between Japan and the Paris Region. This partnership showcased Japan’s technological advancements and created opportunities for collaboration between Japanese innovators and the Region's startups. The Japanese delegation brought expertise in robotics, artificial intelligence, and sustainable technologies, aligning perfectly with VivaTech's themes of innovation and sustainability.

The Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), alongside prominent Japanese corporations and startups, facilitated unique opportunities for cross-cultural exchange and business development in the Paris Region. Networking sessions with Japanese industry leaders and investors highlighted the mutual benefits of Franco-Japanese collaboration, aiming to attract Japanese investment to the Paris Region and enhance its global appeal.

"Susumu Kataoka, President of JETRO and Lionel Grotto, CEO of Choose Paris Region"
Susumu Kataoka, President of JETRO and Lionel Grotto, CEO of Choose Paris Region

Influence and Strategic Initiatives

Choose Paris Region spearheaded initiatives that showcased the Region’s technological expertise as a prime location for innovation and artificial intelligence. Highlights of Viva Technology's side events included:

  • Cybersecurity Explorer Tour: An immersive experience in the Paris Region's cybersecurity ecosystem for international influencers and venture capitalists from 10 countries.
  • TechMeeting on Energy Transition: Attended by 40 international companies from 14 countries and 17 major groups based in the Paris Region, including ENGIE, EDF, and Saint-Gobain, to discuss challenges and innovative solutions. A total of 109 meetings were conducted.
  • Panel Discussions: Three discussions at the regional stand on Cleantech, AI for security, and HealthTech.
"Welcome to the Indian delegation on the Paris Region booth"
Welcome to the Indian delegation on the Paris Region booth


Additionally, the Tech on the Seine River evening event, held in collaboration with AFNUM, Business France, and MEDEF, gathered 800 international guests, strengthening connections between participating companies and investors.


Paris Region - A Hub for Innovation and AI

The Paris Region's attractiveness as a hub for innovation and AI is underpinned by several key factors:

  • Concentration of Talent: Home to 40% of France’s R&D researchers, the Region offers a rich talent pool for companies driving innovation.
  • World-Class Education and Research Institutions: Prestigious universities, Grandes Ecoles, and research institutions support a continuous inflow of highly skilled professionals.
  • Global Recognition: The Region's reputation in R&D is globally acknowledged, with numerous Nobel Prizes, Abel Prizes, and Fields Medals awarded to its researchers.
  • Thriving Startup Ecosystem: With 8,600 startups and 28 unicorns, the Region's dynamic environment is supported by substantial investments, totaling 5.2 billion euros in 2023.
  • Strategic Location and Infrastructure: The Paris Region offers unparalleled connectivity, advanced infrastructure, and a strategic location facilitating access to European and global markets.
  • Supportive Business Environment: The Region provides numerous incentives and support programs for startups and businesses to foster innovation and attract investment.


Strategic Goals and Future Outlook

Choose Paris Region’s participation at VivaTech aligns with its strategic priorities. While the agency aims to enhance the Region’s influence and grow its priority sectors, its action is centered on supporting international companies and investors, to give them the means to develop their business locally through ambitious investment projects.

Ultimately, we’re proud to foster an environment where innovation thrives and international collaborations flourish, all year long.