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Paris Region: A Land of Industrial and Innovative Opportunities


At the heart of Europe, Paris Region stands out as an exceptional industrial ecosystem, robust and sustainable thanks to its cutting-edge sectors and areas of expertise. This unique economic landscape offers remarkable opportunities for cross-sector collaborations: for example, the association of IT companies with healthcare players, or the collaboration of automotive groups with companies focused on environmental technologies.

Global Industrie, a key event for industrial players, will take place from March 25th to 28th, 2024

Choose Paris Region, alongside 13 key partner territories, will come together under the Paris Region banner at the Global Industrie exhibition to promote the region's numerous strengths, making the reindustrialization of its territories a top priority. With a strong international participation, this event is the key event for the entire industrial ecosystem: a place where companies can showcase their know-how and skills, forge partnerships, and look for solutions to optimize their industrial processes.
Join us to discover all that the region has to offer and meet key players in the Paris Region industrial ecosystem.


A dynamic industrial ecosystem

For decades, Paris Region has embodied a major industrial hub, hosting a multitude of sectors and expertise. The Region boasts remarkable economic diversity, with the presence of major corporations, world-renowned research centers, and a myriad of innovative SMEs and startups.
LThe Region particularly excels in strategic fields such as pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. With over 23,500 jobs in this sector according to the LEEM, Paris Region is home to renowned companies like Sanofi and possesses one of the most dynamic medical research ecosystems globally.
Similarly, aerospace and defense hold a prominent place in the Paris Region industrial landscape. As a global leader in aerospace technology, Paris Region offers numerous opportunities for collaboration and innovation, with notable entities such as Safran and the Starburst incubator driving advancements in the field.

Commitment to sustainability

The Region is committed to transitioning towards a more sustainable economy and decarbonized industry. With a concentration of industrial sites dedicated to pollution control and the circular economy, Paris Region provides an environment conducive to environmentally conscious businesses.
Within this framework, industrial sites for wastewater treatment, waste management, and pollution control are established in the Region, which also focuses on circular economy activities, boasting over 800 sites and 33,000 jobs.
Paris Region also serves as a fertile ground for agricultural and food technologies, with nearly 5,000 industrial sites and significant investments in alternative proteins, fostering innovation in sustainable food production.

A hub of talent and innovation

The richness of Paris Region’s industrial ecosystem largely relies on its human capital. The Region offers a fertile ground for innovation and research, with over 800,000 students and over 183,000 employees in R&D, including 135,000 researchers, making it an attractive destination for talent worldwide.
R&D expenditures in Paris Region totaling €21.7 billion. Paris Region is at the forefront of European innovation, with around 8,600 start-ups and 1,200 research and development laboratories.
Renowned for its economic dynamism, the Region has positioned itself as a leader in the 4.0 revolution, a dynamic hub where cutting-edge technologies are cultivated and brought to fruition.

Support and accessibility

Paris Region not only offers a business-friendly environment but also exceptional accessibility. With an advanced transportation infrastructure and proximity to European markets, the Region is a strategic choice for companies seeking new business opportunities.
With infrastructures such as HAROPA Port and the Grand Paris Express project, Paris Region facilitates logistics and supply chain operations for internationally operating companies. Additionally, financial assistance from Paris Region and dedicated guides are available to support investors in their establishment.

Choose Paris Region for your industrial project

Whether you're a major corporation seeking strategic partnerships or a startup looking for a robust innovation ecosystem, Paris Region offers a myriad of opportunities to realize your ambitions.

To facilitate the development of your activity in Paris Region and help you find the ideal industrial site, Choose Paris Region has identified available land plots in the short term, which you can consult on the digital platform Smart Implantation.

Paris Region offers significant potential for the establishment of strategic infrastructures. With 80 identified sites and 550 hectares available in the short term, the Region offers a wide range of lands, ranging from 0.3 to 50 hectares, to meet the needs of businesses.