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Innovative Housing Solutions in Paris Region

Innovative Housing Solutions in Paris Region

Paris Region is known for its innovation and adaptability, and this extends to its housing options. Finding a home in a new city or country can be challenging, particularly for international newcomers. If you’re planning to move here soon, various resources are available to assist you in your search: have a look at our “Top Tips to Find a Home" or get in touch with our network of private providers who can help you identify the ideal place to live and find the right accommodation for you.

If you're seeking flexible, temporary, or affordable turnkey housing that fosters community living and provides opportunities to forge new connections, you'll discover a thriving array of constantly evolving housing solutions in Paris Region.

Coliving: Join a Thriving Community

In recent years, Paris Region has witnessed the emergence of new housing models, including co-living that offers the best of both shared and individual living experiences. These housing arrangements provide a combination of private and communal spaces and shared services: room or studio, private bathroom or not, access to a wide range of shared services - wifi, cleaning, concierge service, gym, kitchen, etc. It's up to you to decide which formula suits you best!

Co-living offers an ideal solution, whether you are a young professional, a student, or an entrepreneur in Paris Region. It attracts a diverse community and foreign talents for both a foothold and social connections. Among the companies that offer their own co-living spaces: Chez Nestor, Colivys, Colonies, Finestate, Koliving, Sharies
Some companies focus on co-living within the heart of Paris, such as Coco Community and Homies, while others offer options in the suburbs, including Around Coliving, ColivHome, Cowool, Evry Day Coliving, Ivynest, La Casa, The Babel Community, or Ecla and UXCO dedicated to students. Kley Group also provides separate offerings for students and young professionals, and Open House Coliving promotes shared accommodations with an ecological and sustainable development approach.

The offering is increasingly dense and varied, so to help you find your way around, companies like ColivMe and can assist you in finding coliving options throughout Paris Region.

Finally, for single parents planning to relocate to Paris Region, the startup Commune offers coliving accommodations tailored to their needs: individual spaces to respect the privacy of families, shared services for parents and children: shared toys and equipment, tutoring, babysitting, social events, etc.

The co-living concept continues to evolve and expand in Paris Region, with upcoming ventures like Urban Campus, Compose and Harvey, set to offer new co-living accommodations shortly. Moreover, The Ascott Limited's brand lyf plans to open a coliving hotel in Paris Region by 2024, with more exciting developments on the horizon.

Flexliving: Housing Solutions for Part-Time Schedules

If your work or lifestyle only requires part-time residency in Paris Region, startups like FlexLiving, WeekAway, and Blueground specialize in providing part-time housing options. This innovative approach allows individuals who work occasionally, part-time, or predominantly through telecommuting to find suitable housing arrangements that align with their flexible schedules. You can now enjoy an affordable fully furnished and equipped apartment in Paris, only when you need it, whether it's for a few months at a time on a full-time basis or a few days a week on a part-time basis.

In addition, should you or your company need to rent a coworking space during your assignments in Paris Region, you'll find a multitude of flexible workspaces.

Intergenerational Living: Inclusivity and Shared Experiences

Another innovative housing option gaining popularity is intergenerational living. This unique concept involves sharing a living space between a young person (less than 30 years old) and a senior (more than 60 years old). Seniors offer affordable housing in exchange for services provided by their younger roommates. Participating in intergenerational living enables young individuals to combat senior isolation while contributing to rebuilding their social lives, and to gain easier access to affordable housing.
Startups such as Colette Club, Cocoon’Âges, Colibree, Mansiones, Xenia and Fratries facilitate this inclusive way of living and provide opportunities for young people to engage in a unique living experience.

Paris Region offers a diverse range of innovative housing solutions that cater to different needs and lifestyles. Whether you seek co-living in a vibrant community, flexliving for part-time residency, or intergenerational living for inclusive experiences, numerous companies and startups are available to help you find the perfect housing option. Embrace the evolving landscape of housing in Paris Region and discover the ideal place to call home.

To get more tips about relocating and living in Paris Region, you can access our practical guide “Settle in” or get in touch with our relocation partners on our dedicated platform.


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