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How Can You Successfully Develop Your Business in Paris Region: Get Valuable Business Tips from Inspiring Leaders!

How Can You Successfully Develop Your Business in Paris Region: Get Valuable Business Tips from Inspiring Leaders!

Willkommen! Our new business guide has been released to support all companies throughout their expansion in Paris Region. We collaborated with the Franco-German business relations media (AFA) to collect a dozen inspiring testimonials from CEOs of diverse German companies successfully established in Paris Region. They give companies a better understanding of the “do’s and don’ts” before investing or starting a business in the Region.

What will this guide bring you?


  • Key figures in numerous sectors to assess the market potential of your industry

    Did you know that Paris Region is the top destination for German investments in Europe? The impact of German investments is particularly strong on the employment in the Region: 25% of the total jobs created by German companies in France are based in Paris Region. Get an overview of German investments in several sectors and find out how much is allocated to your company's industry.

  • Business recommendations

    A dozen CEOs of German companies in several sectors share some inside advice and useful insights that will help you seize the new business opportunities that can suit your activity in Paris Region. Some helpful advice will guide you on how to do business in the Region, from recruitment tips or financial assets to all the available support needed to start your business.

  • Missteps to avoid

    Learn from CEOs’ diverse experiences to avoid any missteps before launching your business in the Region. Their testimonials are based on real-life business experiences that will give you the right tips to anticipate the challenges you might face. For instance, it is of course necessary to understand the cultural and language differences, but not only . The guide also provides precious advice on other relevant examples.

  • Valuable Support through strong Franco-German Networks

    Having a diverse support network can be incredibly beneficial when starting a business: discover 4 Franco-German networks present in Paris Region that offer support and help companies connect with the right local business players. Many business events are organized and designed to bring companies together with the aim to inspire, keep up with the current trends, curate a great network, share advice and foster opportunities.





Download our guide available in 3 languages: English, French, and German and get all the tips and tools you need to succeed in the Region!