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How Can Companies Recruit Top Talent in Paris Region? Choose Paris Region’s Resource for Companies to Fulfill their Talent Acquisition Needs.

How Can Companies Recruit Top Talent in Paris Region?

Covering advice and practical tips on where and how to recruit top talent in France, Choose Paris Region’s Build Your Team guide is an essential tool for international businesses wanting to recruit in Paris Region. Starting with a comprehensive overview of Paris Region’s talents, the guide provides a thorough analysis of the skillsets available in the region’s eight core industries and key law employment considerations. Whatever a company’s recruitment needs; the answer is to be found in the guide.


What are Paris Region’s Talents’ Top Skill Sets?

With a pool of highly skilled and business-minded talents, Paris Region breeds talents in every field. From creative arts, to engineering, and business, international companies have long been attracted by the region’s talents trained at some of the most globally distinguished schools.
Since understanding the talent pool and its educational environment is the first step to recruiting the right people, the guide’s “deep dive” section provides a comprehensive overview of the skill sets available.  


Skills employers look for in Paris Region

The guide examines talent pool statistics in eight of the region’s core industries along with the top- ranked universities specializing in these fields. Featuring a dashboard with information on the number of professionals in the region, top universities, and main recruiting companies, the Talent Pool Analysis section provides businesses with key information on where to source top talents according to their line of business.


Practical Tips Every Company Should Know About Recruiting  

Outlining important information about employment contracts, work visas, and other operational tips, the guide’s practical insights cover everything an international company should know and consider before hiring. Major career fairs are also listed to help companies and their talent acquisition teams recruit online and onsite in Paris Region.  


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