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COVID-19: We’re Online To Support You

COVID 19  We re online to support you

In this section you will find information on the measures implemented by Choose Paris Region to ensure the continuity of its services, official information regarding restrictions on personal movements and solutions for businesses.

Continuity of service

In view of the current sanitary situation in France, Choose Paris Region’s staff is working remotely. We remain available to provide you with essential guidance for your company and employees or any queries you may have regarding business in the Paris Region or the COVID-19.

Please do feel free to get in touch with our experts on We are just a call & email away!

Choose Paris Region is actively reaching out to international businesses and the international community in the Paris Region to understand the challenges they are encountering and how best to support their needs. Our teams will keep providing daily and up-to-date information to companies facing disruption due to the spread of the virus.

Important notice

Please note that since Tuesday 17th March, nationwide restrictions have been imposed on all personal movements outside homes and companies.

Personal movements need to be justified by filling out a “certificate of movement” and are only allowed in the following circumstances:

  • For travel between home and businesses, when it is essential for the continuity of services and when teleworking or business travels cannot be postponed.
  • For any purchase deemed necessary for your business or yourself in authorized shops (list on
  • For medical appointments that cannot be done online and cannot be postponed especially for patients with long-term illnesses.
  • For travel due to compelling family reasons, for assistance to vulnerable people or childcare.
  • For short distance walks, within the limit of one hour per day and within a maximum radius of one kilometer around your home, whether for the purpose of your own physical activity or walking your pet(s) alone.

Please note a digital version of the authorization (in addition to the still valid paper version) is available in French and in English on the Home Office website portal and must be filled out to justify every personal movement. You must download it and fill it out. It can be downloaded in .pdf format or can be written down on plain paper.

More information published by the French Government can be found in English on:

A hotline is available on is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Call 0 800 130 000 if you have any questions or symptoms.

Solutions for businesses

In order to support businesses through this difficult transition period, we have compiled a list of useful resources aimed at providing solutions to businesses facing the challenges of COVID-19. We will keep updating this information and add more resources as the situation unfolds.

Choose France COVID-19 information support measures. This document summarizes all tax, economic and social measures implemented by the French government to assist companies and workers facing COVID-19 and can be downloaded on:

France Digitale

  • « Startup Rescue Kit » This special kit has been designed to answer any questions startups may have on the impact of Covid-19 on their business in terms of labour law, tax and financial aid, etc.

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