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Talent Stories Interview - Jeeyoun Ho

Talent Stories Interview - Jeeyoun Ho

Let’s dive into the captivating talent story of Jeeyoun, a passionate individual from Seoul, South Korea, whose love for the French language and literature paved the way to an extraordinary life in Paris Region.

From her initial steps in the culturally rich 13th district to her impactful role at Impulse Partners, Jeeyoun's story is not just about living in Paris Region, it's about thriving in a place where every day brings a new revelation, a fresh perspective, and a deeper connection to the world. Her story is a celebration of Paris' diversity, from its iconic landmarks to its hidden treasures, and a testament to the vibrant life one can cultivate in the heart of Europe. Let’s check out her journey!


Tell us about your arrival in Paris Region

Originally from Seoul, South Korea, where I pursued my passion in French language and literature, the decision to move to France was a natural step in my academic and professional journey. Choosing Paris Region as my destination was driven by more than just its reputation. I was drawn to its rich academic opportunities and the international scope of its job market. Since relocating in 2018, it's been nearly six years since I made Paris my new home. Now, as I look back, I can confidently say that Paris Region is not just a place I live in; it's a part of who I am. My journey here is a testament to the Region's ability to welcome, nurture, and inspire individuals from all walks of life.

Where did you choose to live and why?

I chose to settle in the 13th district of Paris, close to the National Library of France. The 13th district is a melting pot of Asian cultures, offering an incredible array of cuisines that delight the senses. This cultural diversity extends beyond gastronomy, making the district a vibrant and dynamic place to live. What I particularly love about the 13th district is its commitment to street art. The neighbourhood is adorned with striking murals that have, since the 1960s, transformed it into a living, breathing museum of modern art. Moreover, the district's cultural richness is complemented by its serene green spaces and the scenic Seine riverbank, which provide a tranquil escape from the bustling city life.

Tell us about your current job & what do you enjoy the most about working in Paris Region?

I currently work at Impulse Partners, a consulting firm specializing in Innovation and Sustainability. Our core mission is to assist companies in developing robust innovation strategies and transitioning towards more sustainable business practices. My role focuses on linking the Asian continent with the French market, creating partnerships between Asian and French firms. What I find most rewarding about working in Paris Region is the exceptional quality of the portfolio I manage. The Region's rich cultural and business landscape attracts a wide network of international clients, making it a vibrant business hub. This diversity allows me to act as a crucial bridge between these clients and the opportunities within Paris Region.

What, according to you, are the perks of living in Paris Region?

Living in Paris Region means being at the heart of history, culture, and business. World-renowned sites like the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, and the Palace of Versailles are mere metro stops away. Yet, there's more to the Region than these landmarks. Its streets are a treasure trove of lesser-known art, quaint alleys, and historical remnants, each a hidden gem. The Region's central European location also makes it a hub for travel and business opportunities. In Paris Region, you're at a place where history, culture, and business converge, creating a vibrant, dynamic environment that's unmatched anywhere else in the world.

Your favourite spot?

Many people are familiar with Versailles Castle, but have you ever heard of the 'Domaine national de Marly'? Located in the western suburbs of Paris, this is where Louis XIV chose to build a residence that is more intimate than Versailles. Here, you can admire an exquisite castle, surrounded by a French garden, perfected in every detail. In 2022, the Ministry of Culture even awarded the Domaine the title of 'Remarkable Garden,'. I came across this hidden gem while searching for parks to explore one weekend, and it instantly captivated me. Since, it has become my favorite retreat for a weekend getaway. In this place, the elegance and tranquility of French history come alive, offering an escape from the hustle and bustle of Paris.

What advice you would give to a newcomer to make the most of Paris Region?

My best piece of advice for anyone new to Paris Region is to fully immerse yourself in the vibrant local neighbourhoods, and the best way to do this is by visiting local markets. Each district in Paris hosts its own market, usually once or twice a week, and these markets are not just places to shop; they're cultural experiences in themselves. Engage with the locals at these markets. Try speaking French, even if it's just basic phrases. People appreciate the effort, and it's a fantastic way to practice the language in a real-world setting. Be open to new experiences – taste the food, listen to the conversations, and observe the day-to-day life of Parisians.

What was a “good surprise" when you got here?

A delightful discovery upon arriving in Paris was the extraordinary variety of its culinary offerings. Beyond the world-renowned French gastronomy, the city presents a remarkable array of international cuisines, reflecting its diverse population. Imagine savoring the vibrant flavors of Vietnamese cuisine in the 13th district, or diving into the Jewish food near Chatelet. Ever experienced the rich tastes of Maghrebian cuisine, indulged in Lebanese delicacies, or had a kebab crafted by a true maître kebabier? From the artisanal creations of local bakeries to a wide range of entrees and main courses, each meal is a celebration of global culture and taste. So, if your idea of heaven includes a fork and a knife, welcome to paradise!

Now that you’ve found paradise in Paris Region, what stereotype about the French do you believe to be incorrect?

Before moving to Paris, I expected that French people might be unwelcoming. Coming from Seoul, I was familiar with the anonymity, briskness, and sometimes cold manner typical of a bustling metropolis. Yes, Paris has its busy streets and fast-paced lifestyle, but it also possesses a warm and welcoming spirit that I hadn't anticipated. One of the most striking aspects of Paris is its openness to diverse populations and cultures. The city exhibits a genuine interest in learning about who you are and where you come from. As a cultural melting pot, Paris is keen on embracing new ideas and perspectives. If you have something unique or interesting to contribute, Paris doesn’t just acknowledge it; the city embraces you with open arms.


Jeeyoun's journey from the vibrant streets of Seoul to the historic avenues of Paris Region is not just a geographic shift, but a tale of personal and professional reinvention. Her story is an example of cultural immersion, career advancement, and the discovery of life's simple yet profound joys in Paris Region.

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