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LingoZING Chose Paris Region


LingoZING! is a gamified edutaining app that uses comic books, picture books & graphic novels with enabling functionalities to help teach languages, subjects, culture & general literacy to children and adults. For the polyglot founder & CEO Kyra Pahlen, raised by the French educative system, coming back to France with her new company was a no-brainer. Read her interview below.

Please tell us a few words about LingoZING

We are very excited about LingoZING. Not only are we the first interactive language teaching tool but we are also the first audio-comic platform. It is so cool to work with images, Big Brands like Dargaud, Glenat, Bambou, Geluck, Delcourt, and talented artists. LingoZING is the result of my learning Italian from comics when I was in my late teens: the perfect marriage between technology, education and art. LingoZING appears as a fun tool but is actually super effective and engaging. It is now proven that narrative content helps retention better than any other means. LingoZING uses proprietary technology we developed and has many cool features. LingoZING’s value stretches way beyond the apparent much like an iceberg.

How are you dealing with the Covid19 outbreak across your offices?

We are digital and work digitally since inception; thus in our business – it barely changed anything. However, it puts us in a position to help others and it is a privilege to be able to contribute. Download the app and use the code LZPLUS16 in the search bar for 3 complimentary comic books. More will come in the upcoming weeks.

What led you to decide to set-up in the Paris Region?

France acknowledges Comic books as the 9th art and has an affinity and respect for their value, thus I knew that our approach would be understood and accepted as a real teaching tool faster in France than anywhere else. Did you know that even back in the day, Asterix was created to teach Latin? France has one of the best systems in place to help and sustain start-ups. Many French organizations, French Tech, Institut francais, Alliances Francaises… all were ready and willing to help in every way. Then came the cherry on the cake when the Education Nationale gave us the mandate for the Italian language. On a personal level – I am a child of the French education system.

According to you, what are the keys to a company’s successful international expansion?

Hitting the right notes. There are interests that cross all borders such as the love for storytelling, the desire to communicate and cultural curiosity. I think if one finds an original and unique angle that speaks to all three and provides a needed service, then you have the keys for international success. Then comes the ability to adapt – be a chameleon and always remember to learn from and respect cultural differences.

How would you qualify the workforce/talents in the Paris Region?

One of the best education systems in the world, and an ocean of cultural contribution over History result in very bright minds and talent. I always came to France when I needed keys. When I wrote my book “Bouddha, le Roman de sa Vie” published by Nicole Lattes and Pocket, Laffont – I found the answers in Paris at Université de France from the late Professeur Andre Bareau. For those who have the entrepreneurial spirit and understand how to work outside the stringent social system – Paris is amazing