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Bringing Net-Zero to Paris Region - ClimatePartner’s Green Expansion

Bringing Net-Zero to Paris Region - Climate Partner’s Green Expansion

ClimatePartner is a carbon-neutral German company founded in 2006 with an ambitious vision. It's about creating a future where climate protection is built into the company. The organization constantly supports its customers in reducing their CO2 emissions. And now they are in Paris region, continuing their mission to offset all unmitigated emissions and support local

businesses and the region itself in maintaining sustainability.

That's why we asked Yasmine Akbaraly, ClimatePartner's sales manager, to explain the business, talent, quality of life in Paris Region, and the cross-cultural aspects that make it a melting pot.

Can you tell us your name, your company, and your position in it?

I’m Yasmine Akbaraly, I’m working for ClimatePartner a s a Sales Manager, and I joined the company in October 2021.

ClimatePartner is a German company, and we are a solution provider for corporate climate action.

In your opinion, what makes Paris Region attractive to a business?

First, Paris is a very dynamic business place because there are a lot of European and national headquarters. Second, there are a lot of commuting facilities which make it easy to attract talent and to go to work by bike or public transportation. Plus, the Region has 6 main train stations that facilitate traveling all over France and Europe.

For international destinations, you can fly from two international airports, Charles de Gaulle and Orly. Therefore, it is a good match for businesses operating worlwide and in Europe.

What key advice would you give to other companies?

Paris Region is an exciting place for business. There are many talents and international students. It is also multicultural, which makes it easy to connect with people in order to build your network. In our case, for corporate climate action, the key point was the regulation of the French market. I think the French government is effective in terms of regulations.

Since we are leaders in Europe, in terms of regulation of carbon emissions, this was a key factor for us to choose Paris Region. In addition, the Region attracts not only French talent but also international ones, such as Asian talents, which is interesting for businesses.

In your opinion what are the perks of living in Paris Region?

As an Asian, it is easy nowadays to live in Paris Region. We can see the evolution, with having two Asian areas where you can find Asian food and products. In terms of restaurants and gastronomy, you

can find some nice restaurants that suit all lifestyles and all diets, which makes a lot of difference compared to what we could get ten or twenty years back.

Tell me something about Paris Region in 3 words, what does it suggest?


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