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Athletes Soul: Shaping the Future for Athletes in Paris Region

Athletes Soul: Shaping the Future for Athletes in Paris Region

On the occasion of the Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games, we are thrilled to delve into the inspiring journey of Athletes Soul, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting elite athletes in their transitional phases. Today, we have the privilege of speaking with Myriam GLEZ, one of the co-founders, who will share insights into the organization's mission, achievements, and plans.

Let's explore their insights on the effect Athletes Soul has on athletes' lives and the development of Paris region.

Could you tell us a few words about Athletes Soul and your role within the company?

Athletes Soul is a non-for-profit organization founded and run by volunteer former athletes whose mission is to support elite athletes as they transition to their next chapter in life. We offer education, mentoring, coaching, and community support to athletes from all sports and for free. I am the co-founder of the organization with Pauline Mottet.

What inspired Pauline and you to create this association and get involved in supporting athletes in transition?

The creation of Athletes Soul was inspired by our personal stories. I competed at the highest level before being asked to choose between athletics and sports by my coaches. Pauline witnessed her sister struggling with depression as a young professional cyclist hopeful. We both believe in an alternative path, more holistic and flexible, to high performance and success in and outside of sports.

What are the successes or inspiring stories you have encountered through your support programs?

To date, we have 600 members from 55 sports and 32 countries. We have supported over 200 athletes individually with our programs and services. The stories we liked the most are those of athletes who have found us while they were still competing and were able to take steps to prepare for what's next.

One Olympian participated in our career coaching program after the Tokyo Olympics, and found a part-time job working with a former athlete we connected him with. He is now preparing for the Paris Olympics and has found a job with Sony Entertainment which he is doing part-time until the Games and full-time after. A great success story and proof that athletes can pursue ambitious athletic and professional goals!

What made Athletes Soul decide to expand to Paris Region?

Both co-founders are French-American and the organization has worked with many French and francophone athletes. Expanding and offering our services in France is the normal progression for the organization and the Olympics is the perfect occasion to do so.

How do you plan to take advantage of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, and what have you planned for this occasion?

We will have the Athletes Soul House during the second week of the Olympics at Station F. It will be a cafe lounge space where Olympic athletes can connect with former athletes, learn more about our services, and discover industries and companies that may be interested in supporting or hiring them. We will also host panel discussions and networking events to talk about the place of sports and athletes in our society and how the professional and the athletic worlds can support and benefit from each other further through more than just sponsorships.
Before and after the Olympics, we will be launching several programs in French to support French athletes in their transition.

How do you plan to collaborate with local key players in Paris Region to strengthen your impact?

We want to engage with companies to support French and international athletes creatively. Rather than the traditional transactional sponsorship deal, we would like to encourage companies to look at athletes as highly talented individuals that they can hire or utilize to inspire other employees. Our goal is to present companies and professions to athletes and encourage athletes to be proactive and ambitious with post-sport career planning.

How can interested companies or individuals contribute or participate in your initiative?

Companies can partner with Athletes Soul or the Athletes Soul House and take an active role in supporting our mission financially but also by providing expertise and access to work opportunities for elite athletes and former athletes. They can contact Myriam Glez, co-founder of Athletes Soul.
Individuals can support by donating to Athletes Soul or by offering their expertise to the organization.

In your opinion what are the perks of living in Paris Region?

Paris is the center of all activities in France and arguably in Europe. The city has become more dynamic in the last few years. The combination of accessibility, rich culture, employment opportunities and a great lifestyle makes it a very desirable place to live in.

Finally, how would you describe Paris Region in 3 words?


Historic, influential, convenient.

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