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As the European region with the highest R&D spending, generous R&D tax credits, and a deep pool of experienced engineers, Paris Region is an epicenter for innovation. Learn more about the Region’s research-oriented structure as well as the opportunities it enables.


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Accelerate in Paris Region

The entrepreneurial and innovative mindset found in the Paris Region makes it a fantastic place for both small and large companies to grow and thrive.

Because selecting the right acceleration program for your company can be a time commitment, this guide compiles a top selection of accelerators taking onboard international companies in the Paris Region. These organizations cultivate strong ties with and directly involve major corporate players in the Region. They offer innovative programs for companies at every stage of their development that will help you create the connections you need to succeed.

Browse our guide and find the right program to take your business to the next level in the Paris Region!


R&D Hubs in Paris Region

Number one in Europe for the number of research professionals and for the highest R&D spending, Paris Region’s renowned R&D landscape makes it a unique place for businesses in search of quality infrastructure, opportunities, and talents.

We identified 14 iconic R&D hubs standing out in the Region with their unrivaled concentration of research institutions, R&D labs and platforms, higher education, and technology centers of large companies. They endow Paris Region with an outstanding driver for innovation and foster open innovation partnerships.

Discover what each of them has to offer and how they can meet your business needs to conduct R&D! 


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