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Paris Region’s Promise for Sustainable Mobility

Paris Region   promise for sustainable mobility

On the 16th and 17th of September 2020, the first regional climate conference was held at Saint-Ouen, Paris focusing on two main areas; first, identifying the greatest environmental challenges faced by the Paris Region, and second, developing several specific and proven solutions. It was agreed that greater strategic planning was necessary to improve mobility within the region. Many solutions were put forward such as improving and increasing the volume of current sustainable transport and the development of 100% green alternatives to replace the traditional use of fossil fuels.

More concretely, what does this mean for e-mobility and green companies in the Paris Region?


A Greener Metro

By 2030 all rail and Metro stations, both city-center and suburban, and schools will have bicycle parking and storage to encourage multi-modality. As well as free registration and subsidies for buying environmentally-friendly vehicles, 12,000 charging public charging stations will be installed to promote their use. With the installation of pollution reduction technology in the 20 most-affected stations and the automation of all lines, the Metro will experience major improvements. Furthermore, all metro lines will be fitted with regenerative braking systems and passive ventilation. This innovation and creativity combined with significant investment in green technology and e-mobility will ensure that companies in these sectors will find Paris Region an ideal location from which to grow.


Switching to carbon-free transport

With innovation being at the focal point of e-mobility, many solutions were put forward including the development of biofuels and synthetic fuels for aircrafts as well as making Roissy and Orly zero-carbon airports. The Paris Region is experimenting with many solutions such as an electric road and autonomous shuttles. Likewise, Hydrogen-based mobility is expected to play an increasingly important role with plans for a bus depot to fuel 100 buses as well as making the Seine a hydrogen corridor with charging docks along the river to allow sustainable water mobility.

With funds available to all businesses focused on sustainable solutions and e-mobility businesses can thrive in the Paris Region.


How Choose Paris Region can help you

To sum up, Paris Region is taking sustainability to the next level by turning to renewable sources, promoting more responsible growth, and supporting projects with a positive local impact. The prospect of the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games provides an exceptional opportunity for foreign companies and investors to try out their solutions in the region and Choose Paris Region will be there to help them through every stage in their expansion plans.

If you want to find out more about opportunities in Paris Region, join us at the online Autonomy event on November 4th-5th 2020.

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