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Paris Region: Home to a Thriving Flexible Workspace Industry

Paris Region: Home to a Thriving Flexible Workspace Industry

In the context of Brexit, The Instant Group, a specialist in flexible offices based in London expanded to the Paris region to anticipate and respond to an acceleration in relocation movements. Here is what Marie Fanny Barrois, French Manager of Flexible Workspaces had to tell us about The Instant Group’s expansion to the Paris Region.

Why France and the Paris Region?

France and Paris are strategic for the development of our business. France experienced a 20% growth of flex locations in 2019, and that is considerably higher than most of its European counterparts and there are exciting developments to come in 2020 and beyond.

As for the Paris Region, it is the largest real estate market in Europe and unlike Germany’s office market which is made up of the big 7 and much more fragmented, Paris is by far the biggest market in France and home to major institutions and headquarters of major corporations. Paris is definitely the place to set foot and grow from there. More so, the TGV (high-speed train) gives you very easy and rapid access to secondary markets such as Lyon, Lille & Bordeaux which have a very high projected growth rate over the next 12-24 months.


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Marie Fanny Barrois, French Manager of Flexible Workspaces


What would be your key tips to a company thinking of scaling its business internationally?

The approach would be different according to the company’s field of business but in general, there are 3 ingredients that a company needs to take into consideration when it is thinking of scaling: infrastructure, governing laws, & access to talent. These three ingredients create the right ecosystem to seize opportunities and scale the business internationally in a sustainable manner.

What do you enjoy the most in the Paris Region: quality of life? vibrant ecosystem? opportunities for business? Arts & culture?

Paris is definitely one of the top destinations in Europe. The opportunities are there in terms of business. Indeed, there has been a decrease in unemployment rates, and the Region has one of the best commute systems in Europe (when there are no strikes!) as well as top schools and universities, providing a very rich talent pool. There is also a good work/life balance with so much to do, good food, and it is extremely well connected to other cities in the Region. This great mix accounts for the reason why more and more companies and start-ups are choosing the Paris region to set-up their business.


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