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Paris Region: Heading the E-Mobility Revolution

Paris Region  heading the   mobility revolution

Paris Region is home to a thriving innovation scene, especially in the electric mobility space. Extremely well-positioned to be a leader in the field, many recent incentives are encouraging wider use of electric and shared mobility solutions. This article provides an exhaustive overview of the latest national and regional public policies aimed at favoring more sustainable mobility solutions.

The public sector is committed to accelerating the “electromobility revolution”

French national and regional authorities have played a huge part in accelerating the electromobility revolution at the national and regional levels. First, the French Orientation Mobility Law (LOM) voted in November 2019 laid the foundations to creating low CO2 emission zones and to ban the sale of petrol fuelled vehicles in France by 2040.

In the same way, the Paris Region Climate Plan set ambitious goals to ban diesel vehicles in the Greater Parisian metropolitan area by 2025, and in the Paris Region for all petrol-fuelled vehicles by 2030. What this means is that local authorities in the Paris Region are engaging on a path to renew their entire mobility fleet and switch to electric buses, vehicles, and bikes.

Electric buses already adopted

Paris region’s public transportation authority and the local city operator have been involved in electric mobility for many years. The goal of replacing 4,700 diesel buses with electric and biogas buses by 2025, is on a good track, and electric buses are now an integral part of the urban landscape in the Paris Region. This transformation demands massive new infrastructure, and Paris Region is investing considerably into retrofitting depots to service these new bus fleets.

The most generous electric vehicle incentive program in Europe*

The latest French automotive economic recovery plan makes electric vehicles central, and especially a very competitive incentive scheme for buyers:

  • up to €7,000 government bonus for the purchase of a new EV (costing up to 45,000 euros)
  • and a €5,000 “conversion prime” to scrap old, polluting vehicle

These incentives were reinforced by the Greater Parisian Metropolitan authority which voted an additional incentive of €2,000 to help switch to electric vehicles in the newly defined low emission zone.

Charging points/terminals is key

The network of both public and private charging points has rapidly increased in the Paris Region.

Paris Region’s local authority has decided to pursue its move to electromobility even further by tripling the number of public charging points from 4,000 to 12,000 by 2023. In addition, the French LOM encompasses numerous incentives to make in-house charging more available and affordable.

The surge of E-bikes in the Paris Region

The post-pandemic era is changing the way people move in the Paris Region. People have been forced to re-think the way they move, much to the benefit of bikes and e-bikes. The local authorities in the Paris Region are subsidizing up to €500 to anyone in the Region wishing to buy an e-bike and €600 for a cargo bike. The e-bike short term bike rental plan “Véligo” (from the regional public transportation authority) has already convinced more than 10,000 customers. Along with local investment to create new bike lanes, Paris Region is all geared up to lead the way to electric active mobility.

So now you know all about the different opportunities for your e-mobility business to thrive, are you ready to be part of this Revolution? Make sure you don’t miss out and contact us. Our mobility expert Romain Erny will be delighted to “e-support” you!

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