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Paris: Europe's Leading Financial Center

Paris: Europe's Leading Financial Center

Amid the dynamic global investment landscape, the Paris Region emerges as a natural European hub for American businesses seeking to grow their international presence. Fueled by recent initiatives from the French government promoting openness, Paris shines brightly as a destination for foreign investors, company founders, directors, and employees alike. Hosting an annual event in New York alongside our esteemed partners holds significant importance for us at Choose Paris Region.

Gathering New York and Paris Financial Services, in New York

The second edition of the event "Finance in France and Europe: Outlook and New Trends," organized by Choose Paris Region, Business France North America, Paris Europlace, and the Embassy of France in the United States, took place on April 16, 2024, at the Harvard Club of New York City.

Drawing a crowd of 100 participants, including major players in the banking and investment funds sector like BNY Mellon, Goldman Sachs, and , JP Morgan, alongside industry giants such as and S&P Global, the event fostered networking among peers from Paris and New York's financial landscapes.

The gathering featured François Villeroy de Galhau, Governor of the Banque de France and European Central Bank council member. In his opening speech, Mr. Villeroy de Galhau underscored the resilience of Europe and the Paris Region, emphasizing their status as financial centers ready for further growth (full speech is available here). The event provided an engaging platform to explore the future trajectory of finance in France and Europe, emphasizing the advantages of investing in the dynamic Paris Region.

Investing in the Paris Region, an opportunity sustained by a favorable environment

Europe’s economy is resilient

Europe's resilience is highlighted by the Eurosystem's effective management of inflationary pressures. France's private capital market emerges as a beacon of opportunity, boasting a total investment of 116 billion euros in under six years—a figure that has more than doubled over the past decade.

France is pro-business

France supports businesses through various financial incentives and simplified licensing procedures, making it attractive for global enterprises. It offers financial schemes like the impatriate tax regime, qualified share plan, and research tax credit to encourage business growth and innovation.

Licensing in France has been streamlined, allowing operations across the EU and EEA with a single license. Applications can be submitted in English through a centralized entry point, managed by English-speaking case handlers.

France's pro-business stance is evident through initiatives like "France 2030," a major investment plan targeting technology and industry sectors with billions of euros.

Paris Region is the Hub of European Finance

The bond between American capital and Parisian opportunity is unmistakable, with 36% of American investors anticipating positive economic prospects in France and Paris Region. The presence of 107 US-originated companies creating over 4,604 jobs, alongside the myriad connections—2,420 American companies, 14,000 residents, and 1,710 students—underscores the depth of the transatlantic relationship. Financial giants like Bank of America, J.P. Morgan, Wells Fargo, and Morgan Stanley solidify Paris' position as a global financial. Recognized by fDi European Regions of the Future 2024 as the top destination in economic potential and foreign direct investment strategy, Paris Region invites American businesses to conquer the European market with confidence.

In the aftermath of Brexit, the Paris Region has emerged as the unrivaled economic powerhouse of Europe. Boasting a diverse array of financial activities, Paris Region stands as the foremost hub for market endeavors within the European Union, attracting international banks keen to establish a foothold through branches or subsidiaries.

The momentum within the Parisian financial landscape continues to surpass expectations, yielding notable success stories. Morgan Stanley, for instance, has revealed plans to bolster its Paris-based workforce in market activities to 500, a significant leap from its 2021 figures of approximately 150. Similarly, Barclays is exploring the prospect of relocating its EU headquarters from Dublin to Paris, aiming to streamline its operational balance and initiating dialogues with regulators and stakeholders to facilitate the transition. Moreover, JP Morgan, which currently has 900 employees in Paris, recently transferred a further €13 billion of assets to the city.

Choose Paris Region facilitates the establishment of businesses and talents

The Paris Region is a diverse industry hub with a talented workforce, offering a central European location and high quality of life that appeals to international professionals.

Choose Paris keeps international companies updated about the economic landscape of Paris Region. The gathering was an occasion to provide an invaluable opportunity to extend a warm welcome to the American community, reaffirming our commitment to fostering collaboration and mutual growth. In Paris Region, we take pride in our continued efforts to embrace and support this vibrant community, enriching our cultural and economic fabric.

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