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A building complex, unique in Europe, designed on a neighborhood scale to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Three mix-used, smartly designed buildings are united in symbiosis around a common base of services and activities.

Located in the south-east of Paris La Défense, the complex will have a total floor area of 141,000 m2 (including 134,100 m2 net floor area). Located around a public square with shops and shared services, the three buildings comprise the following uses:

  • Building O/: Hotel - Offices - Public rooftop and retail
  • Building D/: Offices and Accommodations (reversible) and retail
  • Building C/: Offices and retail

With Odyssey, a new district opens up to you, to the city and to life. Odyssey is a new landmark in Paris La Défense, offering attractive, lively and different experiences.

Three buildings built around a central community square made of multiple destinations. A unique and original urban concept in Europe, that is an immersive combination of design performance and lifestyle quality, 7/24/365. Odyssey invites you to explore the benefits of a district where everything is for tenant, residents and visitors.

Investor: Primonial REIM France

Developer: Paris La Défense