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Circular Economy

While 80% of the resources used in Paris Region are imported, the Region's objective is to make better use of its local resources by reducing waste, rethinking its needs, and by promoting new economic models. Many companies involved in extremely innovative circular economy projects are developing in the region and imposing themselves as key players in the economic development. To find more resources, browse our downloadable guides.

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"France is a very fertile region for waste reduction initiatives. The “loi antigaspillage” (anti-waste law) in 2016 and 2021 created a favorable regulatory environment with progressive measures to eliminate single-use plastic."
- Nicolas Piffeteau, head of barePack’s operation in France


30 %
of the Region’s Procurement Contracts Include a Circular and Environmental Provision in 2021
500 million euros
Recovery Plan: 500 million euros Allocated to ADEME’s Circular Economy Fund (the French Agency for Ecological Transition) between 2020 and 2022



Paris Region’s Objectives and Actions

A Zero Waste / Net Zero Emission Objective

Each Paris Region resident consumes 6.5 tonnes of materials per year for their food, energy supply or construction materials. In total, the visible and invisible consumption is close to 20 tonnes per year, counting indirect flows and resources.

The circular economy plays a crucial role in achieving the goal of net zero emission: reduce, reuse and recycle, that help decrease inflows and outflows in order to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 in Paris Region.

Key actions by 2030

In all sectors of its economy, the Region is committed to moving from a linear consumption model (extract, manufacture, consume, discard) to a circular model based on the reuse of products and packaging, the transformation of consumption habits, community empowerment and recycling, etc..

The main initiatives are:

  • In the fields of agriculture and food
    Reduce food waste by 60% and increase 5 times the share of local products on the plates of Paris Region residents.
  • In the fields of tourism, culture and sports
    Paris Region has decided to make the 2024 Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games socially and environmentally responsible. 25% of contracts dedicated to the Games are awarded to companies in the Social and Solidarity Economy. Currently, they already represent 17% of the first 300 million euros of orders placed for the construction of Olympic venues.
  • In the fields of planning and construction
    85% of construction waste must be recovered as reusable material by 2030 according to the regional waste recycling and recovery plan.
  • Promote local citizen projects in favor of zero waste and the circular economy
    The Region allows its residents to get involved in a project that aims to improve their daily lives, particularly in the areas of cleanliness, prevention, and waste management. Every citizen living, working or studying in Paris Region can participate in the vote and define the projects to be funded (500 million euros allocated until 2024) to boost local public investment in the environment sector.


National ambitions and actions consistent with the regional plan

Paris Region strategy in line with the national objectives of the anti-waste law

It aims to reduce the waste produced by plastic and single-use packaging but also the extension of product lifespan and repairability ... Check our infographic.

Circular economy: 500 million euros allocated as part of the France recovery plan and 370 million euros to support innovation

The amount is spread over the years 2020, 2021 and 2022. A component, endowed with 274 million euros, aims to modernize the collection, sorting and recovery of waste. Another 226 million euros will be allocated to the incorporation of recycled plastic and to the reduction of its usage. To date, 220 circular economy projects have been financed in Paris Region.

In addition, a 370-milion-euro fund from the Future Investment Program (PIA) will be allocated to support innovation in the circular economy between 2021 and 2027, aiming in particular to promote research and development in favor of more efficient recycling solutions.

New circular business models are developing in Paris Region

Reduce waste with BarePack: the Singaporean company has offered a solution that benefits both restaurants and the environment with an alternative to single-use plastic.
Discover their success story here!

Accelerators, organizations and platforms to Support Your Growth in Paris Region

La Métropole du Grand Paris has launched the collaborative digital platform Grand Paris Circulaire, which aims to become the gateway to the circular economy of the Greater Paris territory.

AREC is the regional energy climate agency aiming to facilitate and accelerate the energy transition and adaptation to climate change by assisting local authorities and other players in Paris Region.

INEC (National Institute of the Circular Economy) is the referent and influential organization around ecological intelligence and resource economics. Its mission is to bring together all public and private actors to promote the circular economy and accelerate its development.

OREE is a multi-player association uniting and leading a network of various committed players for more than 20 years to discuss and set up an environmental approach at the service of the territories.

Circular Challenge CITEO is an accelerator for the circular economy, and has launched in 2021, its 1-year accelerator program dedicated to positive innovation. A mix between impact incubator and crowdsourcing platform of 1,650 circular economy start-ups from 89 countries, the accelerator aims to provide long-term support for prevention, eco-design, sorting, collection, reuse, and recycling projects.

Les Canaux support players in solidarity and innovative economies, in France and internationally. They launched the Circular Accelerator with a program to support the scaling up of companies as part of the circular economy.

Download our guide to find the right accelerator for your company in Paris Region.


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