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Paris 2024

Paris Olympics and Paralympics 2024

2 dagen , 12 uren until the Olympics.
35 dagen , 12 uren until the Paralympics.

Celebrating Paris Region: A Life-Changing Journey to the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games

As the countdown to the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games begins, Paris Region isn't just preparing for a major world event, it's orchestrating a long-lasting celebration synonymous with progress, that will resonate far beyond the closing ceremony. The grandeur of the Games is not merely an athletic spectacle; it is the culmination of a resolute commitment by Paris Region to showcase its identity, values, future, and the moment to discover the destination like you never did before. Embark on a journey to unravel the layers of this metamorphosis, shedding light on how the Games serve as a powerful vehicle for progress and innovation.


From Paris Region's investment in the 2024 Games to the strategic involvement of businesses through major projects in diverse sectors such as construction, mobility, accessibility, technology, and more, discover how these collaborations go beyond the games, becoming the building blocks of a sustainable and dynamic future.


With 29 days of competition, 28 sports represented and over 200 nations participating, join us in this exploration as we navigate the Paris Region's major projects, where innovation meets urban development, and where French and international companies can experiment with innovative solutions to enhance the experience of the Games.

2024 Olympic & Paralympic Sites in Paris Region
Map of the Paris Olympic & Paralympic Games 2024

An inspiring, innovative, responsible and attractive Region


This inspiring, innovative and responsible vision is reflected in major investments in the Games. With over 240 million euros earmarked for the construction and renovation of a wide range of infrastructures, Paris Region is fully committed to this major international sporting event. This makes Paris Region the second-largest public funder after the French government.

However, Paris Region's commitment is not merely financial; it is an investment in the future of the Region and a promise to deliver an unforgettable experience. The world is invited to witness not just a sporting event, but a celebration of the values that define the essence of the Paris Region - a place where dreams converge, and where excellence and creativity can flourish. With 18 sports represented next summer in a dozen of sites in Seine-Saint-Denis, Hauts-de-Seine, Yvelines and Seine-et-Marne, Paris Region will also be in the spotlight, beyond the borders of Paris-intra muros.

Responsibility is at the heart of Paris Region's identity and hosting the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games is a testament to this commitment. The Paris Region recognizes the importance of sustainable practices and environmental awareness, integrating them into event planning and execution. From environmentally friendly infrastructure to initiatives to promote social responsibility, Paris Region aims to set new standards in hosting responsible events, leaving a lasting positive impact on the local community and global audience. In particular, by promoting the accessibility and inclusion of disabled people, in sports of course, but also in transport, tourism, training and so on.

It's also a message of confidence and optimism sent to the whole world, on which the Paris Region will be able to capitalize in the long term.

Join us on an exhilarating journey through the heart of France as we explore Paris Region's exceptional quality of life, innovation, heritage, sportsmanship, entrepreneurship, and sustainability in the context of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Join us in celebrating the harmonious blend of sports, quality of life, innovation, heritage, and sustainability that defines Paris Region.

From July 26 to September 8, 2024, the Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games will welcome more than 15 million visitors at 25 locations in Paris Region. Beyond its athletic dimension, this event represents a fantastic opportunity to put all our region’s assets in the spotlight.

As the countdown to the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games begins, Paris Region isn't just preparing for a major world event, it's orchestrating a long-lasting celebration synonymous with progress, that will resonate far beyond the closing ceremony.

With the eyes of the world focused on Paris for the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, this is a unique opportunity to position Paris Region on the world stage and attract international investment.

As the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games approach, Choose Paris Region is working on all fronts: actions aimed at investors and influencers, welcoming visitors, producing and distributing content...

From 26 July to 8 September, the heart of Paris will be buzzing with the excitement of the OPG. This event gives Parisians and visitors an opportunity to (re)discover the capital and the surrounding region from a brand new angle.

2024 Olympic Games: Shooting a film or series in Paris and Paris Region


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The Olympics and Paralympics offer a unique opportunity to discover or rediscover Paris Region. Beyond the competition venues, explore the area's investment opportunities, innovation hubs, audiovisual productions, rich heritage, vibrant culture, exquisite gastronomy, shopping destinations, lifestyle attractions, and dynamic nightlife. Choose Paris Region is pleased to introduce you to the Paris Region experience!

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