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Paris Region Facts and Figures 2020 Edition

Paris Region Facts and Figures 2020 Edition

Choose Paris Region, the Paris Region Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Institut Paris Region have released the 2020 edition of the "Paris Region Facts and Figures". Following the success of past editions, the 2020 Edition aims to provide innovative data on Paris Region and represents an essential tool for decision-makers and stakeholders.

This informative and thorough document will provide you with concise and documented figures detailing the Region’s key assets with regard to : Demographics, Economics and Business, Employment, Education, R&D and Innovation, Real estate, Transport and Mobility, Logistics, Meetings and Exhibitions, Tourism and Quality of Life. It showcases Paris Region’s numerous assets, making it one of the most vibrant, innovative, and sustainable regions.

This translates more concretely into; a fast-paced business environment, where business meets innovation and where great synergies between Large corporations, SMEs, innovative start-ups create world-Class clusters.

Sneak peak at Paris Region in a few figures:

  • Home to 18.4% of France’s population
  • Producer of 31 % of national GDP
  • Contributor of 4.6% of the EU28 GDP
  • Gathering 23.3% of all jobs in France
  • Employing 36% of all French executives
  • Educating 26.3% of all students in France
  • Encompassing 40% of R&D spending
  • Home to 40.5% of researchers in France

All in all, Paris Region is your gateway to:

  • A broad consumer marketplace
  • A qualified and cosmopolitan talent pool
  • Europe’s largest scope of real estate solutions
  • World-class transport and digital infrastructure

Not forgetting…an outstanding lifestyle!

If you want to find out more, please download the document