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Jan. 21 2021

Webinar - "Grand Paris Express /// Construction Works"

16:00 CET

With more than 8 million daily passengers and continually increasing traffic, Paris Region’s area public transportation system requires an upgrade and extensionded to meet the ambitions of the Grand Paris program. The Grand Paris Express project has been launched and is the 4th largestr infrastructure project in the world in terms of costs.

The Grand Paris Express consists of building 4 automatic metro lines (15, 16, 17 et 18) circling Paris and extending two existing lines with a total combined length of 205 km. These lines and 68 new stations will compete be in place by 2030. Furthermore, 186 urban development projects are underway in 35 of the districts surrounding the new stations. These projects will result in the construction of 84,000 housing units, 2.5 million sqm² of office space and more than 2.1 million sqm² of other business space.

The Grand Paris Express is mobilizing 21 tunnel boring machines. Together, they will spit out 43 million tons of excavated soil.

Société Du Grand Paris Invites all International Companies to Respond to its Call for Tenders.

This Webinar is an Information Session on Construction Works

  • Shell Construction and Structural work
  • Technical and Electrical work
  • Metal and glazing work
  • General engineering contractor (MOE)