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Apr. 13 2021

Webinar - "Dare to scale, Why you should go international in 2021?"

17:00 (CEST)

In partnership with Choose Paris Region, Hello Tomorrow is building a webinar aiming to help startups out of survival mode and explore the opportunities that 2021 could bring.

The current pandemic wreaked havoc on plans to go international for many startups. Yet, a startup’s greatest skill is, first and foremost, to adapt and evolve. As the crisis seems to stretch on, is it worth going worldwide in a pandemic and what are the parameters to take into account?

Join our experts during this webinar and ask them all your burning questions assessing whether it’s time to go out of survival mode and how.

Moderated by: Maija Palmer | Innovation Editor, Sifted


  • Sebastian Grote | Head of Strategy, Marketing & Communications, X-Zell
  • Sarah Benhamou | VC Principal, Benhamou Global Ventures
  • Yann Mauchamp | Headhunter, Mutual Benefits
  • TBC